5:5 Stargate – Chakra Healing


Activation Meditation
Audio + Video
51 Mins


There are many levels to holistic healing and mind-body balancing. In this special event on the Chakra system, we will take a deeper dive in the functions and properties of your major chakra centers, and bring forth hidden and unconscious memories and patterns that block the chi flow from fully expressing health and wellness. In addition, we will bring forth into a more conscious awareness state, the innate power of these vortex centers so you can begin to express more fully your spiritual path and wisdom. We will be supported by the 5:5 Stargate and the celestial angelics in the activation. Your total chakra system has a support system of angelic, ascended master, elemental and celestial presences that helps alignment and balancing to the higher frequencies of healing and manifestation. We will guide you in a spontaneous chakra meditation so you can experience and begin to embody the 5D-7D frequencies of empowerment. The goal is to balance your power centers so that you can move more freely into 5D living and manifestation. The Guides will be present to help you open up to the healing frequencies inherent within each chakra center through celestial colors and tones, light language, sacred mathematics and geometry and divine archetypes. This presentation will have positive effects on your spiritual dna, Akash,, endocrine system and Crystal Palace in the brain. Your pets are most welcome to attend. Recorded live on May 5th, 2022