6:6 Stargate Activation – DNA Healing


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live Mon, Jun 6, 2022
Audio + Video Instant Download
Length 55 minutes




“If there were ever a powerfully perfect and completely transformative activation, that felt like a ‘makeover’ from beginner cook to master chef, this was the “Kenji’s Chicken Soup” recipe for the soul!”
– Dr. Karen Bicsak, Doctor of Chiropractic and Surgical Neurophysiologist

This special event will focus on the power of the 6:6 Stargate, DNA healing and the rebalancing of your brain function, endocrine system, limbic system and your body’s holy trinity of protons, electrons and neutrons. Your DNA is everywhere – in the cells of your body, in your field, in your light bodies, in your Akashic Records, in your Soul, in your I AM Presence. Your DNA is that structure that holds the cosmic energy for manifestation on all your planes of existence and expression. Without your DNA, you could not manifest or materialize. It is like a quantum webbing, a cosmic spider web or a silkworm’s web, highly flexible yet very strong and resilient.

We will journey into a spontaneous guided meditation that will ignite, empower, initiate and enhance your innate ability to manifest, to create, to envision with divine inspiration your soul path and destiny. We will work with the Christ Light of Creation in restructuring and reorganizing your DNA sequencing, your gene pool and RNA messaging. There will be many Guides of your choosing to support the inner journey of awakening and resurrection. The Energy will go deep into your body’s holy trinity of protons, electrons and neutrons. We will work with the 12 Rays of Creation, DNA angelics and your Rainbow Light Body so be prepared for an intense and rewarding adventure into Consciousness and the Void.

Your pets are most welcome to attend.