8:8 Lionsgate Activation 2022


8:8 Lionsgate Activation 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
Early Bird till August 5



This year brings a most powerful, impactful, and far-reaching 8:8 Lionsgate as many lightworkers are ready for advanced self-empowerment and Soul expansion. In today’s evergreen presentation, you will receive quantum level encodements, sub-atomic cellular activations, and re-framing of your Light Bodies templates. In addition, you will receive magnetic field reconstruction and re-wiring to hold the ascension frequencies of universal love.

We will align with and merge with the power of Grace & Blessings for your auric field and 36 chakra system as well as your kundalini channels, the Chrism, and Crystal Palace (Cave of Brahma). Your pineal cavity will receive an up-leveling to the 12 Rays of Creation and your Thymus gland, upgrading for a stronger immune system.

We will attune to the Infinity Power of the double 8 as we synchronize our higher mind with the Sirius Elder Council and Star Beings that are depicted in ancient hieroglyphics and cave and rock drawings by the First Nation peoples of many cultures. This auspicious event will be attended and supported by many galactic councils as well as inner Earth masters and elementals.

Come prepared for another amazing 8:8 experience of the Divine. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. Drink lots of water beforehand.

The Lion’s Gate portal is a yearly event where a dynamic portal is created between the Earth and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. This portal takes place during the time of Leo, which is heart-centered, self-love, and empowerment energies. This year the Lion’s Gate portal starts on July 28th and reaches its peak on August 12th. During this time, we receive light code activations that awaken us and align us with our potential. Light codes of ascension, soul mastery, and divine potential are released and sent toward planet Earth. – Laurie Barraco

In numerology, 8 is the number of infinity. It is the energy of empowerment. It supports efforts and intentions that manifest in the material world. Its power resides in its ability for manifestation on every level. So when an 8 shows up, it is offering assistance to rapidly manifest whatever it’s directed toward—like a laser. The 8 amplifies anything it is focused on. – Astro Style