11:11 Gateway Empowerment

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44 Minute Activation

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“It was a very strong and lovely activation.
An old Native American woman came and
guided me up through 11:11 Portal, and further….
So much love came, and I cried….
The energy still going in my heart (and body).
Thanks, Kenji.”
— Elsie T.

This activation is evergreen and can be listened to at any time.  There is a 11:11 portal twice a day which can enhance this activation.
An empowering multi-dimensional journey through the 11:11 Gateway to your celestial homeland and star seed connection. This 11:11 Gateway activation carries the vibration of synchronicity, divine balance and illumination so you have an opportunity of not only synchronizing and balancing your life stream with your celestial roots but also embracing the illumination of your I AM Presence for of your earth life and soul purpose.
This Gateway is another level of preparation for the many earth changes that will be occurring regarding your path to illumination and liberation. If you are feeling stuck in your manifestation process, this empowerment event will help free you to move forward and to create with more ease, joy and light.
Recorded: Mon, Nov 11th, 2019 – This recording is evergreen and can be listened to at any time.