Activate Your Inspiration


Originally Broadcasted on Monday, September 8th @ 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT


Inspirational messages from Kenji Kumara

This last Super Full Moon of 2014 is a special time for illuminating your life path with that which inspires  effortlessly through grace and INSPIRATION. This boost of assistance from the angels and masters becomes available to us, allowing us to receive access to higher intelligence, energy and divine frequencies.

Be part of the transition and receive the inspiration you’ve been waiting for!

If you haven’t put words to inspiration lately take a couple of deep breaths, relax ,let your heart be opened and allow the brilliant truth of what makes your heart sing. Is it the soft breeze on a summer day? Is it colour and flow on an artist’s canvas? Perhaps it’s the voice of an elder or wise one? Or the laughter of a child?    

It may be noticed in the quiet stillness or silence, in the ripples in a lake, the words of a friend, or the touch or a loved one. Whatever it is… find it…. Now put it in your Soul’s Eyeand allow your imagination to flow and when you are there you are stepping on the path of inspiration……..

Society runs on the basis of go, go, go and do do do and our deepest heart’s desires are secondary, often left behind and for some pushed back deep and far as if their desires and dreams don’t matter at all!

On September 8th, make this the day for you, your heart’s desire, your effortless knowing and ,most of all, your divine INSPIRATION.

…… your heart’s desire IS the Creation whispering it’s unbounded wisdom and guidance through you. It’s your Soul’s deepest inner calling and the whole Creation wants to support you and it is through this one hour call with Kenji that the energy of the moon is offered to assist us during this special time! 

Some believe you can’t afford to take time to fantasy, imagine and follow your dreams, because that is irresponsible, childish or doesn’t align with their financial strategy.

 …..When you start following your heart’s desire inspiration grows and in it the Universe becomes supportive and synchronicities line up, new opportunities knock, support and abundance is evident and life flows with greater ease.

Pick one area of your life that has struggle (big or small) or strife, or where repeated patterns that do not serve you well continue to show up. That’s the place where you are going against what your heart’s true desire is and that is where the struggle will show up. That’s where the fatigue and depression begin. Bring this energy forward for the activation.

At this time with the super full moon energy, you will receive an influx of assistance, and together, we will invoke and proclaim a life of inspiration. With ease and grace, we access within ourselves that which provides us balance, transformation, health and flow.

You can expect to receive, in divine right timing, eternal peace, on-going quantum possibilities and expanded vision. All by just tuning in, relaxing and receiving as Kenji guides us within ourselves into an embodied alignment with Soul. It’s the inspiration that catapults us to the place of wisdom and clarity and knowing exactly where we need to show up for our lives to effortlessly unfold into the abundance and fulfilled life we are meant to live.

Kenji graciously invites you to join us for this special activation that’s significant to the evolution of humanity. This event is filled with divine blessings and accelerated vibrations for your Spiritual Evolution. You will be assisted in receiving heightened awareness, enhanced perception and clarity of focus.

Kenji invokes blessings from the Great Central Sun ,and through grace, guides you through this activation divinely created, for you, in the quantum. This includes openings of exponential growth, expansion, prosperity, abundance, blessings of higher consciousness and the vision of truth while we bring forth the New Earth consciousness through our joyful awakening.

Enjoy this activating experience.

Quantum Blessings,

Kenji & The Bliss Team