Activating Your 5D Chakra System | New Earth Transmission 5


Video Presentation + Activation

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In today’s spontaneous New Earth Transmission, we will Deepen our spiritual connection with the new earth and her 5th dimensional chakra system. It is time to disengage in the old matrix of pain and suffering and upgrade and align with the new frequencies of the Aquarian Age of peace and unity. As we collectively and individually ascend to the next octave of expression and manifestation, we need to let go of the past, the memories, the judgments and the perspectives and perceptions of the old age of reincarnation and rebirth. The sacred heart of Earth 2 is magnetically drawing us into a new dawn, a new beginning where manifestation becomes a natural flow of life, where you can express your natural state of Being and Doing.

We now can begin to experience and embody our visions and dreams as we allow our mind and body to be infused with new light, new life and new dna codes of resurrection, rebirth and transfiguration. Come prepared for another unique experience in the Quantum of possibility and miracles.

Your pets are most welcome to attend.

This recording is evergreen. The full effect will be felt any time you listen. Originally recorded live Sunday, May 23, 2021