Moving On Online Activation


Originally Broadcast Thursday, October 27
4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET
Waning Crescent Moon Activation
Includes Studio quality mp3 download with professional transcription


Why do so many of us suffer trauma and stress when moving on from one life situation to another? What is it in our makeup that makes these big life changes so hard to deal with? Why is it that we harbor ill feelings of guilt, shame and remorse?

Have you ever heard of separations, whether in personal or professional life, going smoothly without complications where both parties end the relationship on a high note? Where lawyers are not involved? Where others around you, friends and family, do not suffer their own trauma and stress?

How many people do you know that stay in a relationship when it was done years ago and they stay in it for security and companionship? What are people afraid to talk about? Why do people give away their power and truth to stay in a relationship that is not going anywhere meaningful?

In this one hour activation, we will uncover the hidden unconscious beliefs and emotions that keep us tied up, stress out and limited to the cultural, religious and societal concepts that do not work anymore. We will bring into the light of understanding of how we can move forward with renewed vitality and energy into the next phase of our lives.

We have the power to bring a healing vibration to make complete this past/present relationship where all is made right and all are winners. Be prepared to be supported by the angels of love and compassion.


“Thank you. Just did this…marvelous..thank you Kenji…I feel I will be doing a few days of this one to really expand on it. Feeling it on many different levels and keep seeing my feet taking an obsidian like aspect.. I might just turn into a statue. Ahahah..Comedy team definitely about.”
Karen B.

“Your meditation’s are transforming me and my life. Thank you Kenji Kumara!!!”

Laura L.