An Evening Of Miracles, Part 2


Healing Your Bones Through The Power Of Stillness

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In this new experimental presentation and activation, you will experience deep healing and release of the emotional charge and cellular memory of accidents, traumas and unresolved experiences that have impacted and embedded into your bones, spinal column, and structural system. Our bones have crystalline makeup and are the foundation of our body. Bones provide the housing for our muscles, connective tissue, fascia, nervous system, respiratory system, and circulatory system. These systems are orchestrated by the brain, endocrine system and heart via the chakra system and higher dimensional energy bodies. Your bones carry the memory of unresolved past experiences. You can “talk” to your bones.

As a group, we created our prayerful intentions in the stillness of the heart and brought them into the activation. This experimental activation focused on the bones, receiving the healing presence of stillness and deep peace, assisted by the healing guides and higher self and concluding with a powerful visual wave journey to our new reality. A very unique and different activation that will have lasting and permanent benefits for your body’s health and well being. Powerful embodiment activation. Don’t miss this one!

Recorded 9-10-19
Crystal Visions
Hendersonville, NC