An Evening Of Miracles, Part 1


Time Travel And The Heart

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Your emotions are key not only in the health of your body but also the clarity in which your soul can express through your body. Much of your emotional makeup arises from your childhood experiences and the way in which you were parented and guided to navigate the educational system.

If you feel that you are carrying old emotions due to trauma, abuse, accidents, injuries and/or the feelings of being abandoned, neglected or unacknowledged, then this event is for you. We will focus on releasing the historical patterns of your childhood that are manifesting in your body and mind so your body and soul can be free to express and be heard and acknowledged.

Experience the benefits of Time Travel and the power of the sacred heart to heal emotional pain and trauma. 2 Audios include the entire presentation and activation only.

Recorded Live @ Crystal Visions, Hendersonville, NC, 9-3-19