Moon Bundle 2018 with Special Events


All Moon & Special Events of 2018
32 MP3 Downloads



In this very special 2018 Moon Bundle, you get all the full moon and new moon activations of 2018, plus all the special events of the year, including the monthly recharge events, 11:11, 12:12 portal events and New Years meditations. 32 Activations in total.  These meditations are evergreen, so they will continue to work year after year.

“Wow, I’m just blown away… The White light is very powerful and strong I felt all my chakras being energised..I was blessed this year to attend Kenj’is Australian retreat and since returning with the help of Kenji’s amazing Activations I have had amazing success at work. I have achieved bonus after bonus. I highly recommend purchasing the 11/11 and the 12/12 activations as a bundle… Blessings and a Successful, Prosperous year to all.”
Kindest regards, Donna-Cherie, Australia

Activations included:

  • 1:11 Empowerment  ($22 value, 1/11/18)
    • The Power of 1 is at hand. Prepare your awareness for the empowerment that you have been asking for. We will be working with the power of the 1:11 – the power of the 1 and the power of the 11 stargate. Together, these numerical energies can empower your creative force, your creativity through the portals of of space and time into the realms of the “timeless,” where anything is possible.
  • 1:22 Empowerment  ($22 value, 1/22/18)
    • The power of 22 can be enormous. 22 is a master builder. It is a 2 doubled. 2’s are receptive, nurturing, supportive. The keynote of 22 is revelation. We are taking a journey into that mystical realm to experience not only what revelation feels like, but also what it can do humanity in this 3D world of duality. Join us as we co-create our divine destiny using the power of 22. Let us build together the kind of world we desire to live in and the kinds of spiritual connections we all want. The 22 activation can be your foundation for building a life of Light, Joy and Eternal Peace. The masters will be present to join you on this sacred journey of light.
  • February New Moon Meditation  ($20 value, 2/15/18) 
    • ​In the meditation, we will unify mind and heart in the manifesting process. We will learn to let go of the past and to invoke the future into our NOW moment. We will learn to use intention, imagination and feeling to manifest our Soul’s life purpose.
  • March Full Moon Meditation ($20 value, 3/1/18)
    • We will use the three-fold manifesting process and experience periods of deep silence so the body can begin to absorb and take in more of the quantum frequencies of oneness, bliss and joy.
  • March New Moon Meditation – Healing Unconscious Stress – ($20 value, 3/15/18)
    • Join me for a new moon activation in healing unconscious stress and tension. We will work on the 4 lower bodies in bringing forward your areas of unconsciousness relating to becoming fully awake, alive and a soul manifesting presence on the earth. Deepen your ability to expand, connect and align with your divine presence. This is an opportunity to make huge vibrational shifts in consciousness and heal long-standing issues of self identity and self esteem.
  • March Full Moon Meditation – Pineal Chakra Expansion ($20 value, 3/29/18)
    • The full moon is a great time to expand your awareness and deepen your ability to heal yourself. We will explore energetically how to clear and activate your pineal chakra, the endocrine system, your nervous system and the sacred brain centers. The pineal cavity is a most important area of your brain that regulates body consciousness, healing and its ability to hold Light in the body field.
  • April 16 New Moon Meditation – Healing The Wounds ($27 value, 4/16/18)
    • In this quantum presentation on healing the wounds of the psyche, we will bring forth the sacred space to open up to our wounding from a quantum perspective – the Voyager space – and then to initiate the vibrations, knowing and space to heal and transmute our pain and suffering. Our ultimate destiny is one of bliss, oneness and joyful connection. We will bring in the “soulness” into our body, into our emotions, into our mind so we can finally be free of the suffering from not only this lifetime, but all lifetimes where we have suffered and not healed.
  • April Full Moon Meditation – Multidimensional Reset – ($27 value, 4/30/18)
    • In this unique quantum presentation, we will uncover those areas of resistance and unconsciousness where we became powerless and went into subtle levels of fear. We will learn how to empower our conscious self and to emerge our true self. By doing this, we become more of a Whole and align to and expressing oneness, unity and connection. We will energetically align the 12 major dimensions into your power center, still point and sacred heart and balance your horizontal and vertical fields through your Core. This promises to be an intense transmission, so come prepared for an amazing journey within.
  • May Meditation – Calm, center, balance and energize ($5 value, 5/1/18)
    • Experience the alignment of your brain-heart connection and your chakra system as you come into the Now moment of awakened presence. Invite your friends to join you in this journey of joyful inner connection. Pets are welcome to attend. We recommend you listen to this activation each day for the whole month.
  • May New Moon Meditation – Rise Up! ($27 value, 5/15/18)
    • In this unique presentation, we will journey into the unconscious of tribal consciousness to uncover the hidden conditioning that keeps you in bondage to matter and density. We will dive deep into the waters of illusion where false perception hides. From the state of knowing, we will begin to transform suffering into joy, peace and union within self. This promises to be a very ascended event.
  • May Full Moon Meditation – The Peace Within ($27 value, 5/29/18)
    • Take the journey with me as we explore within how to tap into, align with and integrate this vibrational frequency. In the Quantum are your many possibilities and potentials, waiting to be embraced with an open heart and open mind. It is possible for the mind to be free. It is possible for the heart to be free of all pain and heartaches. It is possible to have that union that you so truly desire.
  • June Goal Setting – 15 Minute Meditation  ($11 value, 5/31/18)
    • Join us in this monthly meditation as we set goals for the month and create mind-body balance. Great for the nervous system and your brain-heart alignment. Relaxing and energizing activation and food for the soul.  Listen to this at the beginning of every month (not just June!).
  • June New Moon – Money Healing Meditation ($27 value, 6/13/18)
    • Generations have gone through wars, depressions, recessions and famines which have influenced their world view of money, power and status. These beliefs have been passed down through the generations and are held in our coding. Wonder why you have such problems earning money as a lightweaver, as a visionary, a thought leader, as a change agent? Why are there starving artists and healers? Why are spiritual types lacking in money flow? Why is there black lash on charging money for healing sessions? Why are people judging others who are trying to make a living as a lightweaver?
  • Enhancing Self Worth​ – Activation Meditation  ($27 value, 6/28/18)
    • Join us as we release the old programming and bring in the new. Your 5th dimensional self is waiting to arrive upon the earth. Let us celebrate this homecoming of rising our self esteem to the highest possible dimension and vibration. Your ancestors are welcome to attend.
  • July Alignment – 15 Minutes ($7 value, 7/2/18)
    • We will hold the quantum space for you to realign and adjust your internal frequencies to match the solar flare radiations so your body can more easily handle the incoming solar magnetics for balanced emotional flows and relationships. The brain and heart need to be synchronized for harmonic equilibrium and stasis. Drink plenty of water this month.
  • July New Moon/Eclipse Meditation ($15 value, 7/12/18)
    • In this spontaneous 30 minute activation, we will go deep into silent quantum meditation to solidify our soul and I AM Presence connection. The energy delivered will depend on the live audience present. For your pets, too.
  • Emergency First Aid Meditation ($25 value, 7/24/18)
    • Then this transmission and activation will help you to move through your trauma with more grace, ease, comfort and support. Many are experiencing intense upheavals and reality changes and shifts. We will bring forth those vibrations that will help you to move through these changes more gracefully and compassionately. The angel healing and comedy teams are here to assist. For your pets and horses, too.
  • July Pre Full Moon/Eclipse Healing ($15 value, 7/26)
    • In this spontaneous silent activation, we will journey deep into the consciousness and body for core healing and resolution. The theme will depend on the live audience present. Your pets are most welcome.
  • August Reset – 15 Minutes ($7 Value, 7/2/18)
    • This month we will reset your chakras and magnetic fields to better accommodate the influx of solar radiations that have been at high volume this summer. Will will recalibrate the pineal chakra for stronger balance with the quantum energy that is infusing your organs and systems. Drink plenty of water this month.
  • August New Moon / Solar Eclipse / Lionsgate Meditation ($15 value, 8/9/18)
    • The Lionsgate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star, Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet.
  • August Pre Full Moon-Healing ($15 value, 8/23/18)
    • ​In this pre-Full Moon activation, we will focus deeply into our energy field to uncover and resolve hidden memories that are ready to become conscious for healing. The depth of this silent guided transmission will depend on the live audience present. Pets are most welcome to sit in and receive.
  • September Recharge ($15 value, 9/1/18)
    • This is the last summer month of intense solar magnifications​ so it is important to recharge your nervous system with balanced energies. This transmission will provide you with the necessary quantum chi to refresh and regenerated your endocrine system for better health maintenance and spiritual focus and flow Drinking lots of water will help this process of movement forward into the fall months.
  • October Monthly Meditation – Light Infusion – 15 Minutes ($7 value, 10/1/18)
    • Infuse your month with more supreme light from the Quantum Field. Enliven your activities and actions with more love and grace. Be the beacon of light for your community and tribe. Be the shining example of the oneness.
  • October Full Moon Meditation ($15 value, 10/24/18)
    • Join us for a silent meditation in the Quantum on “What I join with becomes real”.  An inward journey into the heart of creation and your essentialness. Be prepared for a powerful experience.
  • November Pre-Full Moon Meditation – 30 Minutes ($15 value, 11/20/18)
    • Join us in this evening for a silent meditation in the quantum field on “I dedicate all thoughts to union”. Another powerful focus to create inner harmony and balance. Journey into the stillness of your essence.
  • 11:11 Activation ($27 value, 11/11/18)
    • 11:11 Portal activation for enhancing your divine awareness, spiritual focus, emotional passion and body wellbeing. A guided quantum journey through the fabric of time into the Timelessness and Stillness of Presence. A supreme out-of-body experience for young and old alike. And for your pets
  • November Monthly Meditation – Zero Pt – 15 minutes ($7 value, 11/1/18)
    • Reset your awareness back to your inner zero point and core of stillness. Set your month up with balanced one pointed focus and attention. Be the center of the cyclone and abide in your strength to move through all experiences with more grace and ease.
  • December Monthly Meditation – Blessings – 15 Minutes ($7 value, 12/2/18)
    • Receive the spiritual blessings from the brotherhood and sisterhood of Light. Accept the gifts are are being bestowed upon your Crown. Wear the mantle of grace, for it is given according to your belief and trust in yourself. Wear the robe of many colors, for this is your natural birthright.
  • Mary Magdalene 12:12 Transmission – 44 minutes ($27 value, 12/12/18)
    • Unique 12:12 Portal transmission from Mary Magdalene. Empower your soul destiny and life purpose harnessing this beautiful inclusive 12 Ray energy focus. Embody the rainbow lights through your 12 major chakra channels as you receive the love and grace energy from the divine feminine. Great for the family and pets.
  • Christ Full Moon Solstice Transmission – 44 minutes ($27 value, 12/20/18)
    • Unique christed solstice transmission from our beloved brother, Yeshua Ben Joseph and the Christ Light. Learn and experience the empowerment of divine will and power and the divine masculine in your endocrine and nervous systems as you journey deep within to the sacred heart of the I AM within and your God Self. A can’t miss event for family and pets.
  • Super Full Moon New Years Meditation 2018 (1/1/18)
    • Join me in a powerful activation that can set the “tone” for the year and empower you to be a stronger, healthier, more vibrant and radiant spiritual presence upon the earth and in the heavens.
  • New Years Meditation 2019 (1/1/19)
    • Let’s clear our pathway for amazing miracles and blessings. We will journey deep into the still point of your soul-heart connection. A silent meditation into the golden stillness of Being. Invite your friends

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