Austin Activation – Your Spatial Peace on Earth


Audio + Video Activation
30 Minutes
Recorded Live @ The House of Light


Austin Activation

Your Spatial Peace on Earth

29min 46secs

Austin-Texas Resonance Specifically Calls One & All to Oneness as You Quantum Voyage for All Possibilities. Collaboratively Proclaim Energies for Peace-Balance in this activation

Tolling – All Will Be Provided as Your Will-Faith-Trust Allows. Each of Your earth-walking steps meld as tension-release pulses at every breath exhale…where Your Guardian Angel Solves-Supports Your Current Challenge in Your Next Great Shift on any level.

Time to Lighten-Unburden-Unbind from what is immobilising-not Yours here:- 

Surrender dysfunction (anxiety-worry) of family karma – hardships – post war – immigration displacement – mental confusions – inability to express.

The 4 Pillars of Light Securely Honour You. Purposefully Your Legs-Feet Act as Your Vertical Channel through which all redundant genetic matter is Lovingly Transmuted by Mother Gaia.

Regather Soul Fragments to Stand in Your Power on Earthwith-Heaven As Messenger Of Prime Source Reclaiming I Am Presence With-In-Out Your 4 Directional Space.

Feel at Peace with the Space Around-Within Your Dignified Body. 

Know to

  • Identify Your Inner-Child Age to Acknowledge-Expel all childhood pain (of no recognition-not being understood or loved)
  • Stand Your Inner Child in its Power to Shine Complete in its Creativity-All Innate Gifts 


  • Release Texas-Austin territory-ignorance on any level affecting hips-lower lumbar-kidney chi- bladder
  • Receive Solar Light from Great Central Sun for Your Magnetic Field-Chakra System with Infusion of High Vibrational Golden Light
  • Reinstate Your Immune System – Activate Upper Spinal Power Point 
  • Concentric Cleanse Violet Flame Funnels for Systemic Purifying Release
  • Optimise-Balance Your Gene-Thyroid Function for pituitary gland-blood sugar/pressure levels-metabolism-kidney-spleen function
  • Higher-Self Regulate Your Divine Balance-Flow with all systems-organs-cells-electrons-protons-neutrons
  • Assimilate Unconditional Love Infusion to Central Brain Membrane for Your Spinal Channel-Organ-Endocrine System 
  • Absorb Limbic System Cobalt Blue Light – Mind-Calm-Peace-Divine Balance-Central Nervous System Harmonisation  
  • Re-Dignify Your Base-Power – Spinal Column Strengthening-Power-Strength-Flexibility

Your Council of 14 will Transmit to Your family members earth-present or not, pets included. 

Activation Unfolds in the background Appropriate to You & Builds Up-Levelled Awareness with successive listening 

Transcription by Mary Zoumpoulis June 24, 2019