Activate Your Joyful Soul — Immersion Sedona Retreat Package


14 MP3 Recordings
Approximately 6 Hours



Enjoy a journey into the soul of your deepest inner being to activate, heal and transfer a new code of light energy that both awakens and evolves your life to the next level. As you open up to this new frequency body-mind-and-spirit come together as one to share in a joyful harmony that naturally connects you to the greatest power of the Universe ~ Love.

Key #1: Foundation
40 min 54 sec

A powerful activation to become fully present to your body, the moment and your environment: Kenji guides you to feel the power and light within, connect with your guides and chakra system to heal and restore your body.

Key #2: Emotional Release
14 min 32 sec

Learn how to connect with yourself and clients to release emotional energy and come back into harmony within your body, mind and spirit. Infinite love helps to bring clarity and peace through this process. A true gift for yourself and others…

Key #3: Balance & Harmony
21 min 38 sec

Discover how to balance and harmonize your energy with higher dimensions of light. Explore your ability to protect yourself wherever you go. Feel yourself cocooned in light and the balance of both hemispheres of your brain.

Key #4: Divine Love
15 min 39 sec

Discover a secret to healing with a powerful technique that connects you with infinite love to heal and transform. Through the guidance of Kenji’s process you can meet your guides, angels and personal guidance team for support throughout your life.

Key #5: Original Reiki Attunement
30 min 52 sec

Access the original form of Reiki transmission through a guided visualization that takes you back to Tibet and ancient downloads of this sacred energy for empowerment and for the re-set of your divine blueprint.

Key #6: Blue Medicine Buddha Initiation
21 min 29 sec

The powerful energy of Buddha can calm the mind and bring healing to the body. The transmission of “Blue Buddha” is used for healing others and has a profound difference in helping you and others reach their natural state of harmony, clarity and balance.

Key #7: Clear & Release
42 min 58 sec

A clearing and release process to let go of any distracting energies and bring you into full body relaxation. As the negative energies release, new space is created for your soul to evolve and for new inspirations to form!

Key #8: Prosperity with Infinite Oneness
9 min 57 sec + 9 min 42 sec

From the infinite space of oneness, create the opening from within to receive new relationships, prosperity, greater happiness. A beautiful release of old energies to be replaced with the new. From the infinite space of oneness, create the opening from within to receive new relationships, prosperity, greater happiness. A beautiful release of old energies to be replaced with the new. This process can be shared with a partner and used as a healing technique. 

Key #9:  Healing Hands
22 min 13 sec

Experience hands of healing for others to experience oneness ~ for you to expand into the sensation within yourself of being connected to everyone and everything… relax to the wisdom within. Special frequency of energy downloads to heal trauma, pain and chaos.

Key #10:  Soul Illumination
29 min 02 sec

Preparing to invite the illumination of your soul’s light in… a deep relaxation into surrender and the presence of your soul group. A deep release of distracting energies, negativity, and unsupportive beliefs to be replaced with clarity.

Key #11: Standing Wave Healing Technique
26 min 30 sec

A hands on healing technique to transfer light energy – this energy of Grace naturally moves through the body to heal and transform, moving each part of the body into alignment with this higher frequency.

Key #12: Preparing The Way
10 min 13 sec

An opening into your heart, body and mind to create space for your soul’s essence and emergence into more light… Grounding body into the earth calling in the archangels and Saint Germain to cleanse and purify. This activation is to prepare for the soul activation.

Key #13:  Meet Your Higher Self
54 min 4 sec

A soul activation to come into alignment with your Highest Self and ability to access deeper wisdom, insights, and guidance. Meet your special soul initiation guide and receive guidance for the next steps of your journey.

Post Activation Recording
27 min 30 sec

An energetic review of the 5 days of presentations, activations and healing techniques. The protocol of feeling the energies, receiving them, integrating them and embodying them is the goal. This activation will synthesize the students experience, including their hikes in the red rocks.

Recordings from the November 2017 Joyful Soul Retreat in Sedona, AZ