Blue Heart Land Activation


Land Activation
Recorded Live Sept 24, 2022
MP3 Replay Download
49 Minutes
Donation Based 
Early Bird till October 21



Healing the land and elemental kingdom of historical pain, trauma, war and battles scars and negative imprints and memories. Cleansing of the collective astral plane.

Activation for land clearing, grid and ley lines cleansing, balancing, harmonizing and upgrading in conjunction with the healing angels, nature spirits, devas, elementals, solar logos, elohim, seraphim with assistance from ascended masters and inner earth light beings. In addition, astral-earthbound entities release back into the Light. (Protective white electro-magnetic grid established around your property – not in recording)

Preparation included a 12-D shield of light and prayer for creating sacred space. Planetary power points were connected to the Asheville area mountains such as Maui/Haleakala Crater, Mt Shasta, Sedona, Mt Fuji, Mt Kilimanjaro, the Egypt Pyramids, Mt Hood, Mt Rainier, Mt McKinley, Arkansas crystal mt, Lake Louise, Zion and others.

Activation was given to the property, land, homes and pets of all participants and those purchasing this evergreen activation.

Higher Self downloads were received for body and mind and a clear and perfect channel for divine light and sound was created from the 12-D Rainbow Light Body.

This evergreen activation is ongoing until complete. Allow time for full integration. Drink water.

* For maximum brain effect, listen with headphones or earbuds and listen often as needed.