Butterfly Transformation: Activation of Divine Balance and Harmony & Stepping Into One’s Power


MP3 Audio Activation Meditation
42 Minutes
Recorded live @ The Block in Asheville, NC.


A very intense and multi-layered, guided activation on clearing and cleansing the local grid and one’s personal grid system of historical imprints and karmic patterns. We established 4 Pillars Of Archangel Light and invoked the power of the Violet Light for transmutation of dense and impacted energies while invoking our power centers and re-establishing divine alignment within and without. We invoked the ancestors and gave acknowledgment and respect to the Elders for their spiritual work in the community.

We cleared and opened the collective as well as our personal 5th Chakra and initiated the release of blockages and hidden fears. We took a transformational journey into the cave of the unconscious mind and taped into not only our shadow but also the power of our Being.

This activation will run for 72 days (72 being a divine power number) on the inner as well as outer planes of expression.

A deep and moving organic experience that will have lasting effects.

This activation was recorded live at The Block at Biltmore in Asheville, NC.