Christ Meditation 2


1 Hour Audio / Video
Activation Meditation
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Join us for an afternoon immersed in the Christ Field of expanded consciousness and infinite love and blessings. Received the power of Grace as you embody and replenish your body with divine light and the peace that passes all mental understanding.

This is our new 2021 mediation series that will help you to deepen your meditation practice and activate, to deeper levels, the healing of your body. As we enter into the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment, your consciousness and body will be moving into finer and finer quantum vibrations of wholeness and oneness.

We will have a period of deep silence so you can develop the depth of your Presence and stillness. Profound shifts are available as you will be assisted by the galactic Christ Council. Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend.


“My mental mind is whispering, ‘Hush, I’m resting.’

I feel my Crown Chakra clearing clutter and filling in with Divine clarity, knowing, and will.

I feel my Third Eye illuminating beauty and Divine Outlook.

I feel my Throat Chakra emptying.

I feel my Heart Chakra pulsating and pumping Christ Light through my four bodies.

I feel my Solar Plexus Chakra dancing in bliss, showing me how to lean in. 

I feel a heart beating in my Second Chakra.

I feel my First Chakra spinning gleefully.”

– A.S.
Evergreen activation. Originally recorded live Sunday, Jan 10, 2021