Christ Meditation 3


51 Minute Activation
Audio & Video



Please come join us for another meditation in the Christ Field as we move this new series forward to assist in the great shift into the Age of Aquarius. We will call upon all levels of the angelic kingdom, the ascended brotherhood/sisterhood of Light and all the elemental and inner earth kingdoms of GAIA and the planetary Logos.

Help us to embody the christed consciousness that is our inherent and innate inheritance as a Live Participant in the movement forward into 5D consciousness. In this event, we will again deliver a spontaneous, in-the-moment individual and planetary activation for the benefit of all who are ready to receive the christed Light.

We are in the beginning stages of global psychic ptsd recovery so the move that attend, the more everyone and everybody can receive the transition energy into 5D reality.

Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Feb 11, 2021