Christ Meditation 8 – Sacred Heart Activation


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“OMG. So extraordinarily powerful and beautiful I feel the energies
flowing so strongly in my body and all around me.”

— Bonnie M.

Journey deep into the Sacred Heart of the Christ. There are many sacred chambers within the Cosmic Heart of Christ, and it is Here, that we will quantum journey into the Innate Gifts that reside within this Holy Heart of Hearts.

The Kingdom Of Heaven, as referred to in the Bible, is that sacred place and space where you were born and receive your spiritual nourishment and guidance. Today is the time for your awakening into the Gifts of the Spirit as you ascend on the spiral of Evolution. Today, the Call has gone out for all those that are ready, to become and embody your divine Consciousness.

All Gifts have already been given unto you, and it is NOW time for you to accept your Divine Inheritance and your Place within Creation, your Divine Destiny.

Your ancestors and family and pets are most welcome to attend. The 2nd Coming is at hand.

Evergreen recording, recorded live Thurs, July 8th, 2021