Christ Meditation 9 – The Christ Council


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45 minutes

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You are invited to align with the Christ Council and the power of this Council as we journey deep into Christ Consciousness, that Field of energy we call the Oneness of Being and where all is possible. Christ awareness is a state of Being. The Christ (Consciousness) is not any individual, master or lord but has expressed through the avatars of our history, known and unknown. There were many masters teaching at the time of Yeshua, mostly unknown in our current history.

We will do a guided meditation into the many levels and aspects of the Christ Council, and it is Here that you can meet them in energetic form and vibration. They have much to share and teach so it is important that you Ask them to share with you your questions regarding your life path and next step in your ascension process. Much clarity and healing can take place with this connection to this powerful council of light. You will receive what you are ready to embrace in the fullness of Divine Light.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. Drink plenty of water after the activation. Activations are live and organic and are accessible upon command in meditation.

Evergreen recording. Recorded live Aug 10th, 2021