Christ Meditation Bundle 2021


13 Meditation Activations
Over 12 Hours of content

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This Bundle contains the 13 part Christ Meditation series for 2021. This bundle contains over 12 hours of content. These meditations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Included in this series:

Full Moon Divine Feminine Christ Activation (2020):
For the last Full Moon of 2020, we are going to hook up and align with the galactic divine feminine christ archetype and matrix for the healing and balancing of the divine masculine and feminine within us. The activation will also be a culmination and integration of the spiritual work we have done in this year of great change and transition. 

This activation is an offering of healing the past life memories of discord, conflict, betrayal and denial that have affected the feminine aspect of our mind-body connection. This is an opportunity for the divine masculine to heal it’s wounding and pain from past realities and lifetimes (Atlantis and Lemuria) so that it now can be in union and communion with it’s divine opposite. 

This 2020 culminating event will offer hope and trust that we all can live in peace and harmony in spite of our differences and preferences. It is time to heal the polarity and shadow of our subconscious mind. 

Your family members and pets are most welcome to attend LIVE.
Originally recorded live Wed, Dec 30, 2020 


Christ Meditation 2:
Join us for an afternoon immersed in the Christ Field of expanded consciousness and infinite love and blessings. Received the power of Grace as you embody and replenish your body with divine light and the peace that passes all mental understanding.

This is our new 2021 mediation series that will help you to deepen your meditation practice and activate, to deeper levels, the healing of your body. As we enter into the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment, your consciousness

and body will be moving into finer and finer quantum vibrations of wholeness and oneness.

We will have a period of deep silence so you can develop the depth of your Presence and stillness. Profound shifts are available as you will be assisted by the galactic Christ Council. Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend.

Evergreen activation. Originally recorded live Sunday, Jan 10, 2021


Christ Meditaiton 3:
Please come join us for another meditation in the Christ Field as we move this new series forward to assist in the great shift into the Age of Aquarius. We will call upon all levels of the angelic kingdom, the ascended brotherhood/sisterhood of Light and all the elemental and inner earth kingdoms of GAIA and the planetary Logos. 

Help us to embody the christed consciousness that is our inherent and innate inheritance as a Live Participant in the movement forward into 5D consciousness. In this event, we will again deliver a spontaneous, in-the-moment individual and planetary activation for the benefit of all who are ready to receive the christen Light. 

We are in the beginning stages of global psychic ptsd recovery so the move that attend, the more everyone and everybody can receive the transition energy into 5D reality. 

Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend. 

Recorded live Feb 11, 2021 


Accessing Divine Intelligence: Christ Meditation 4:
Join us for our next CM presentation on aligning with the Christed Energy. The Christ (non religious) Energy is within all levels of Creation and is accessible to all. It is known on all levels as the Christ Energy. It comprises all rays of manifestation, all wisdom from all Souls, the collective Love energy of all forms of creation, and the divine intelligence of the Universe. Yeshua and all masters of wisdom expressed this signature energy when they were on the planet. The angelics hold this frequency as well and exist on all levels of creation. 

In this powerful presentation, you will have the opportunity to: 

Align with your divinity and innate wisdom.
Access divine intelligence in a new profound way.
Merge with higher dimensional understanding beyond mind Infuse your higher dimensional light bodies with much needed light infusions Embody your chakra system with upgraded codes of Light.
Enhance your immune system to overcome all viruses and bacterias Invite your tribe and pets for another outstanding evening of the Quantum.

Your ancestors are most welcome to attend and receive the Blessings and Grace. Originally recorded March 18th, 2021 


You Are On Divine Assignment: Christ Meditation 5:
Do you realize you are on divine assignment here on Earth? Yes, you are and so is everyone else, whether they realize it or not. This is not just another earth incarnation where you work out your past karma (although some come as a rest life). This lifetime is the culmination of all your other lifetime here and on other planes where you can fully express your divine potential in a way that is most natural to you and your spirit. This is the lifetime where you put together and express all that you are and have been, all your previous talents, skills and wisdom-knowledge to the best of your ability for the benefit of all of humanity. 

In this spontaneous meditation on the christ spirit of oneness and grace, we will journey together into the depths of the ancient mysteries of the inner planes to bring into awareness the teachings of Christ (as a placeholder, a state of Beingness that is timeless and forever, the eternal place where all souls are one with God consciousness and unity consciousness). 

Join us on this special Easter presentation on ascension, resurrection and transfiguration. The New Millennials are most welcome as are your pets and ancestors. 

This activation is evergreen. Originally recorded live April 4, 2021 (Easter)


Healing Trauma- Christ Meditation 6:
In this continuing series on Christ Consciousness, we will journey into deeper levels of Oneness to bring forth freedom into the organs of our etheric-physical bodies. 

Our organs hold emotions, traumas and memories of all of our life experiences and when these emotions are not cleared and released when these life events are experienced, they can build up over time and begin to impact the functioning and integrity of our nervous and endocrine systems and the health and wellbeing of our mind-body relationship. 

The impacted organs, over time, begin to go off line as they attempt to adjust to the emotional density and can manifest as symptoms of heart illness, liver malfunction, kidney stress, blood disorders, mental fatigue and fogginess, blood pressure and cholesterol issues, thyroid malfunctions, unexplained pain and stress and adrenal fatigue. 

This activation is evergreen and can be listened to anytime with maximum potency for the individual when they are meant to hear it. Originally recorded Wednesday, May 5, 2021


The Awakening – Christ Meditation 7:
In this continuing series on Christ Consciousness, we will journey together into the deeper realms of the Oneness to bring forward the next aspect of our soul agreement and divine destiny. 

Within the Christ Field, are many undiscovered aspects of Self that are waiting to be revealed and expressed upon the physical plane. The Gifts of Consciousness are beyond the realm of Mind and Thought and this event will assist in revealing the hidden realms of Miracle Mindedness and Miracle Readiness. Be prepared for another amazing journey into the realms of Timelessness and Eternity. 

As Yeshua (Jesus, Sanada) has said, “There is always another step to take, another realm to discover, another world that awaits you that we call Miracles and Blessings. 

This activation is evergreen. It was recorded live Jun 15, 2021 


Christ Meditation 8 – Sacred Heart Activation:
“OMG. So extraordinarily powerful and beautiful I feel the energies flowing so strongly in my body and all around me.”
— Bonnie M.

Journey deep into the Sacred Heart of the Christ. There are many sacred chambers within the Cosmic Heart of Christ, and it is Here, that we will quantum journey into the Innate Gifts that reside within this Holy Heart of Hearts. 

The Kingdom Of Heaven, as referred to in the Bible, is that sacred place and space where you were born and receive your spiritual nourishment and guidance. Today is the time for your awakening into the Gifts of the Spirit as you ascend on the spiral of Evolution. Today, the Call has gone out for all those that are ready, to become and embody your divine Consciousness. All Gifts have already been given unto you, and it is NOW time for you to accept your Divine Inheritance and your Place within Creation, your Divine Destiny. 

Your ancestors and family and pets are most welcome to attend. The 2nd Coming is at hand. 

Evergreen recording, recorded live July 8th, 2021 


Christ Meditation 9 – The Christ Council:
You are invited to align with the Christ Council and the power of this Council as we journey deep into Christ Consciousness, that Field of energy we call the Oneness of Being and where all is possible. Christ awareness is a state of Being. 

The Christ (Consciousness) is not any individual, master or lord but has expressed through the avatars of our history, known and unknown. There were many masters teaching at the time of Yeshua, mostly unknown in our current history. 

We will do a guided meditation into the many levels and aspects of the Christ Council, and it is Here that you can meet them in energetic form and vibration. They have much to share and teach so it is important that you Ask them to share with you your questions regarding your life path and next step in your ascension process. 

Much clarity and healing can take place with this connection to this powerful council of light. You will receive what you are ready to embrace in the fullness of Divine Light. 

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. Drink plenty of water after the activation. Activations are live and organic and are accessible upon command in meditation. 

Evergreen recording. Recorded live Aug 10th, 2021 


Christ Meditation 10 – Spiritual Harvest:
In this continuing series on christ consciousness, we are going to harvest our spiritual abundance from the seeds we planted in the spring. On many levels, we planted the seeds of awakening, the seeds of healing, the seeds of expansion, the seeds of activating more of our natural potential, gifts and talents. It is now time to become aware of our seed thoughts and begin to manifest more of our innate potential, our visions for our future and our next steps in our spiritual growth. 

Together, we will spontaneously venture into our inner realms of possibility and connect and embody what is waiting for us – to claim our empowerment and our natural ability to manifest and express our Soul’s capacity to envision our truth and inner knowing. 

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. Harvest Time is HERE. This recording is evergreen. Originally recorded live Sep 1st, 2021 


Christ Meditation 11 – The 1:1 Christ Path:
This unique Christ Meditation class will focus on the 1:1 Christ Path where you will have the opportunity to move through the 1:1 Christ Stargate to your Christ Path of Initiation. This christed path is an initiatory path designed for evolving masters of light, love and wisdom. 

Those that have chosen this path for this incarnation have the internal strength and courage to move through and to master the emotional hurdles that are part of this path. The mastery of the emotional body may be the hardest of all the initiations on the path to Mastery, for it involves the mastery of non attachment, non identification, the transcending of emotional duality and the clearing from the physical body of all emotional impressions, imprinting and unconscious programming from this current lifetime (especially early childhood and birthing traumas), past lives, ancestor/family conditioning and the collective astral plane influences and samsaras. 

We invite you to attend LIVE for this powerful meditation through the 1:1 Stargate as the masters of love and compassion will accompany us into a deep journey into the quantum realms of Is-ness and Being-ness. You will be assisted by the 1:1 christed masters from the 12th dimension. 

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. 

Recorded live Wed Oct 6, 2021


Sacred Healing Christ Meditation 12:
This is a very special Christ Meditation on Sacred Healing. When Yeshua ben Joseph, aka, Jesus and Sanada walked amongst us 2,000 + years ago, he taught us, he showed us, he demonstrated to us the power of Sacred Healing, the power of Holy Spirit, the power of Blessings, the power of Grace. Some got it, many did not but now is the time to really “get it”! 

What is this power that Yeshua demonstrated to us, ie, the symbolic rising of the dead, multiplying the loaves and fishes, alchemizing wine into water, etc. He did say “These things that you see I do, you can do and much more ……. if you believe fully in the Christ Presence, your Eternal Being, your Eternal 

Flame, your Eternal Magnificence. 

When he said, “You come to the Father through me”, he meant you access the presence of God through the Christ within, through the Christ Doorway that leads you to the presence of God/Holy Spirit. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be given unto thee” means go within your sacred heart and bring your treasures out to the world (for it’s healing and transformation) 

Join Yeshua and his healing entourage as we journey deep within to our Sacred Heart to tap into, access and express the divinity of who and what we innately are. We indeed are the expression of God’s sacred heart and healing. Sanat Kumara, Yeshua/Sananda and Kuthumi will assist in the activation. Your pets are most welcome to attend. 

Recorded live Thurs, Nov 4, 2021 


Christ meditation 13 (The Last One) Christ Template:
Please join us today for our last Christ Meditation for 2021. This is the 13th edition of the series and it promises to be a good one. We are going to bring in the Christed Masters and Elohims and align our Light Bodies to the Christ Matrix and our physical earth body/elemental to the Ascension Grid of the New Earth Mother. We will work with the Christ Stargate to raise our etheric vibration so our body, dna, chromosomes and genes can be more infused with the Christ Light, thereby activating the body’s ability to initiate self healing, self correction, self alignment, rebalancing and resetting to the Christ Tone. 

Within the Christ Energy is all possibility, all knowledge, all divine ideas and the power to create Change and Healing. Our body will need time to integrate these high frequencies of light and sound and colors, so we will call forth divine calibration for your body cells to receive, embody and incorporate the Oneness and Love. Step by step, layer by layer, level by level will be the sequence in divine right timing. Come prepared for a most awesome attunement and meditation. All pets are welcome to attend. 


Evergreen activation. Recorded live Wed, Dec 8th, 2021