Clear and Perfect Channel – Divine Freedom


(Live Event) Master Series 1 Intensive Attunements
Recorded September 2012 in Tubac, AZ
6 Audio Files, Total Length- 142 Minutes



6 Audio Files,
Total Length- 142 Minutes
Audios Included:

1.“New Vibrations”
2.“Soul Fragment Retrieval”
3.“Light and Color Activation”
4.“Releasing Trauma and Stress”
5.“Receiving Lightness”
6.“Christed Awareness”

These Attunements were recorded live during the September 2012 Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 1 Intensive in Tubac, AZ.

Themes include: Releasing Tribal Consciousness – Meet Your Guardian and Healing Team – Emotional Balance – Light Activation – Brain Balancing – Cleansing Toxins – Opening the Throat – Unlimited Consciousness – Heart of Creation – Eternal Health – Prime Source Connection