Empowerment Package (EDMONTON, FAIRFIELD,…)


A collection of multiple Intensives and Activations.
Contains .zip files that will need to be extracted after purchase.



Kenji Kumara’s Master Series 1 Intensives are life-changing 3-day events. In addition to hands-on wave collapse experiences and instruction, students receive 5-6 transformational attunements (initiations).  Specific core issues are cleared and released, and participants are led on an amazing Quantum journey. These audio sets are recorded live at the events and will attune the listener to the Quantum Lightweaving®® matrix for rapid healing and ground-breaking shifts in Consciousness, moving you into the state of Oneness and Grace.

Each training has a different focus and unique themes. Many report life-altering effects during and after the trainings. The initiations continue to work over time and enable the listener to become self-empowered in the quantum.  After the Intensive, many attend the optional F.O.L. Ordination or a large group Healing Event.  These are life-changing channeling downloads to help empower your spiritual path.

The attunements are ‘evergreen’, so they continue to live and grow, no matter when they are heard, and their effects are cumulative- they build upon each other.  They will provide a graceful alignment to the New Earth frequencies. Listen in a quiet space and do not play while driving. Ground and drink water after each listening.

(Live Event) Quantum Lightweaving®® Introduction Overview Attunement
August 2012 Fairfield, Iowa
1 Audio File – Total Length – 50:44

This Attunement was recorded live during the August 2012 Introduction to Quantum Lightweaving®® in Fairfield, Iowa. Bowls by Anda Apsitis. Themes include: Clear and Perfect Channel – Divine Helpers – The space behind Heart – Waves of Grace – Music (Bowls and Gong) – 10 Layers of Consciousness – New Awareness

(Live Event) Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series Intensive Attunements
September 2012 Tubac, AZ
6 Audio Files – Total Length – 142 minutes

Audios Included:

  1. “New Vibrations”
  2. “Soul Fragment Retrieval”
  3. “Light and Color Activation”
  4. “Releasing Trauma and Stress”
  5. “Receiving Lightness”
  6. “Christed Awareness”

These Attunements were recorded live during the September 2012 Quantum Lightweaving®® Master Series 1 Intensive in Tubac, AZ. Themes include: Releasing Tribal Consciousness – Meet Your Guardian and Healing Team – Emotional Balance – Light Activation – Brain Balancing – Cleansing Toxins – Opening the Throat – Unlimited Consciousness – Heart of Creation – Eternal Health – Prime Source Connection

(Live Event) Master Series Intensive Attunements August 2012 Activations, Fairfield, IA
6 Audio Files – Total length- 189:42

Included Audios:

  1. “Brain Activation and Re-Patterning”
  2. “Meeting Your Guardian”
  3. “Quantum Lightweaving®® – Advanced Protocol Review”
  4. “Invoking the Solar Cross- Sun Chakra Activation”
  5. “Journey to the Heart of Creation”
  6. “Deleting Illusion- Activation of Light Codes”

This attunement series was recorded live during the August 2012 Quantum Lightweaving®® Master Series 1 Intensive in Fairfield, Iowa. You will experience profound meditations in the heart of the quantum field.  Expect deep shifting and alignments.  Anda Apsitis plays bowls and gong. Themes include:  Home-world Energies – Twin-flame Counterpart – Imprinting – Self-Destructive Patterning – Lymphatic System – 250 Representatives – Detachment – Eye of the Soul – Akashic Records – Assemblage Point – Unconscious Resistance – Solar Cross Invocation – Synthesis of Opposites – Trauma Collapse – Unconscious Energy – Power of Hands/Feet – Physical Limitations – Power Points – Heart of Creation – Enzymes/Genes/Chromosomes – Releasing from Gravity – Attachments – Throat Healing – Golden Divine Voice – Integration of I Am-Light Codes/Light Language -Activating DNA – Deleting All Illusions

(Live Event) Master Series Intensive Attunements, June 2012 Edmonton, AB, Canada
5 Audio Files – Total Length- 98:27

Included Audios:

  1. “Inner Child- Releasing Absorbed Energies”
  2. “Merging With the Power of Creation”
  3. “Surrender to the Light- Collapsing Fear”
  4. “DNA Activation- Light of the Soul”
  5. “Choosing Cosmic Flow- Transcending Limitations”

Many core issues are addressed in these activations, allowing the student to go deep into the quantum realm of possibilities and manifesting. This is an unforgettable journey into self-healing, self-empowerment and self-realization.  This series was recorded live during the June 2012 Quantum Lightweaving®® Master Series 1 Intensive in Edmonton, AB, Canada.  Anda Apsitis playing bowls. Themes include:  Inner Child – Releasing Absorbed Energies – Clearing Your Field – Resurrection – Crucifixion Release – Releasing Pain – Solar Cosmic Wind/Waves – Violet Light Vortex – Inner Earth Alignment -Collapsing Fear In All Worlds – CYP Enzymes – Removing Implants – Neutralizing Toxicity – Immune System – Endocrine System – Family Members – All Timelines – Soul Fragments – Releasing Death -Ego Identification – 144,000 Chakras – Transcending

Single Theme Activations:

Clearing The 4 Major Archetypes: Wounded Child, Saboteur, Prostitute and Victim
Seattle, July 2012

This amazing activation unlocks the 4 Archetypes that influence all of us: the Inner Child, the Saboteur, the Prostitute, and the Victim. You will receive healing for all aspects ready to shift, so that they will no longer affect you in any negative way. Kenji sets the protocol for Quantum Lightweaving®®, allowing you to journey deep into the Quantum field, where healing takes place. The wounded Inner Child will receive immediate healing from a space of security and loving support, releasing wounds and deeply receiving Unconditional Love. The Saboteur Archetype comes from a subconscious feeling of being unworthy to receive, and can sabotage all your progress or positive things in your life. The vibration that holds the Saboteur archetype in place will be released, and you will feel the new power within as this shift occurs. The Prostitute archetype represents every time when you have functioned outside of your integrity, not speaking your truth, or compromised your being for the sake of fitting in, often creating pain or dysfunction in the body. You will receive a powerful release from the influence of this archetype and a deep Quantum healing. Finally, you will be released from the sense of being a victim, so that you will go forward manifesting as a Creator. This activation connects you deeply to the Stillness of inner space, so that you may receive all Divine Light and merge with Oneness, free of the influence of all 4 archetypes. Allow 14 days to integrate.

The Journey Home
Seattle, January 2012

Experience your true freedom and source of power and intelligence as Kenji leads you on an incredible journey, activating the 14 major meridians and the brain’s inherent gifts of self-healing. This attunement will align you with the Quantum, bring forth rapid cleansing, and allow you to finally claim your own power. You will open to your gifts, receiving clear-seeing and inner-knowing, as you pass through the veil of forgetfulness. You will be guided back with the core vibration of awareness and understanding at the deepest level in all bodies. This is a powerful, transformational attunement to the energy of unconditional Love and Allowance and the space of Infinite possibility. 

Large Group Healing Activation (part 1): Clearing Core Issues
Seattle, August 2012

This clearing activation is an opportunity to participate in a large, live group healing event with Kenji. This attunement is Evergreen, so you will receive all of powerful vibration from the event anytime you listen to it. Deep healing occurs within the subconscious as all deep unconscious traumas, imprints, and conditioning are able to shift. The body begins to feel again and the eyesight and hearing are cleared, as well. You will detach from tribal consciousness and let go of the bindings and co-dependency that no longer serve you. The Inner Child will receive a release from wounds, and you will experience an emotional unveiling, letting go of density. Self-worth and self-esteem will be restored as limitations are released and the body is cleared of imbalances. You will synchronize your breath and heartbeat with the cosmic pulse of life and emerge with a new vibration of Light.

Large Group Healing Activation (part 2): Integrating the Oneness

This integrative attunement is the second part of the live group healing event from August 2012. It begins with the activation of the brain, uniting the thoughts/emotions, as well as the right- and left-brain hemispheres. You will also receive detoxification of the body’s organs, genes, chromosomes, and enzymes. The head and the heart connect with a bridge of light as you are given gifts of Spirit. You will experience the power to overcome all obstacles on the physical plane, while integrating Light to the deepest level of your Soul Matrix. In this space of receiving, you will also download your personal healing codes. This is a very deep meditation which will give you a state of balance, harmony, and a profound sense of inner peace, anchoring you to the Light.

 Release From Separation And Merging With The Quantum
Seattle, September 2012

This powerful and deeply cleansing attunement replaces all old programming with your codes of the future. It begins with the connection of the brain hemispheres to come into a space of coherence and clarity. All unconscious resistance and fears are released in a place of no judgment. After separating from trauma and chaos of the world and other people, you will receive a deep cleansing of the body and energetic field, connecting you with Oneness. You will merge with Prime light from the Great Central Sun and re-calibrate the brain to hear the celestial sounds of the Universe. You will be released from density, and with the help of dolphins and the Angels, you will receive healing from past traumas and a profound sense of playfulness, gentleness, wisdom, and allowance. Before you emerge from this Divine Quantum space, you will receive the gift of “Angel Dusting”.

Freedom Activation
Seattle May 2012

This Freedom Activation is a meditation for clarity of life mission, self-confidence, re-setting sleep cycles, strengthening the immune system, clearing the shadow self, as well as aligning to a deeper level with spiritual masters and Archangels. You will also receive a download of the Master Healing Ray and information for hands-on healing work. You will receive a balancing of the brain hemispheres and move from a place of reaction into a place of response. You will receive Divine balance and harmony for the original 8 cells, as well as re-framing your Divine mission statement as a gift through the power of Grace. Parental patterns and imprinting will be released as well as all emotional baggage that is blocking the receiving of the Divine presence.

Soul Journey
Seattle April 2012 $19

In this powerful attunement, which was recorded live in April 2012, Kenji Kumara leads you into the heart of the Great Central Sun and what lies beyond. Kenji will lead you into the Quantum matrix where you will experience Sun chakra activation, Soul Matrix and spinal cleansing, then you will be taken on an amazing cosmic journey into Oneness. You will be escorted back with awareness and Divine understanding of who you are, why you are here, and with a new vibration and understanding of the Light. You will also return with a deep sense of peace and a feeling of power in and around your body.

Clearing Energetic Blocks to Prosperity
Seattle 2010

Collapse all negative emotions and beliefs about money, and collapse any interference with your ability to receive abundance. You will experience deep healing of the base chakra, and receive the vibration of green, balance, abundance and growth to support your life and work in all areas.


Activation of Power Centers 1
Seattle 2011

This self-empowering attunement allows you to cleanse all thoughts and emotions that are not your own and move into deep inner space, where you are fully aligned with all of life. You will be able to shift one aspect within your body, one emotion and one belief system or attitude. This will create a powerful, cleansing tsunami effect, while aligning you to the Quantum.

Activation of Power Centers 2
January 2012

Deeper activation of the Green Disc, Sun Chakra, Soul Matrix, Original 8 Cells and the sacred tri-angulation within the brain for whole body shifting and manifesting in physical reality (the illusion). The healing power of the brain is restored and the immune system is energized for balanced empathy.


Taped Live Master Series One Intensive Review $395 – 5 Hours 
5 video files – downloadable

Video-taped live “Master Series One” Intensive Review with QL meditation attunements and demonstration collapses. You can learn to do the work through absorbing the vibrations from this video. All the basics will be covered: Hand placements for session work, holding states for collapsing, the wave experience, the meditative experience, creating sacred space, on-going cumulative benefits, what to expect, the client In Take process, follow through and after care, body scanning, how QL is different from other modalities, setting up the state, client resistance to change, strategies, protocols, how to detach from dysfunctional morphogenic fields, star-gates, the 3rd Eye center, theta-delta brain wave states, clearing your space, boundaries and much more.

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

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