Clearing Fear Activation – Pre Full Moon/Eclipse


Recorded Activation
Video & Audio
44 min



Join us for an incredible pre full moon/eclipse activation on clearing fear. Our subconscious mind can hold hidden and buried fears of many kinds: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of other people, fear of being vulnerable, fear of being ridiculed, fear of not being accepted and supported for your beliefs, fear of the current world situation, fear of your own spiritual powers, fear of public speaking, fear of being known, fear of your mother and/or father, fear of taking a chance and stepping forward, fear of sliding backwards, fear of intimacy, fear of God, fear of punishment, fear of the future and what it might bring, fear of not being good enough, fear of being unworthy, fear of being molested and abused, fear of darkness, fear of truly being yourself, fear of being alone, fear of the Church, fear of the government, fear of pain and suffering, fear of authority, fear of death (dying from a disease or illness) and irrational fears known as phobias (snakes, heights, germs, viruses, etc).

The power of this full moon and eclipse will enhance our journey within our shadow aspects so we can uncover and make known our hidden fears and phobias. Sanat Kumara, Kuthimi and archangel Zadkiel will join us in unison to bring forth the healing that we are ready to receive and embody. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Thurs, Nov 18, 2021