Dark Night Of The Soul New Moon Online Activation


– moving through and beyond –
Pre-New Moon Event
Broadcast Thursday, January 26, 2017
5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET
w/ replays, edited .mp3 download and professional transcripts


You have heard of the phrase, “The Dark Night Of The Soul?” So what does that really refer to? Why do we even have such an experience, if it is true? What is the purpose and meaning of such a level of experience?

The dark night of the soul can refer to experiences where you feel quite left alone to fend for yourself; where you feel so alone and isolated and having to deal with your stuff without any conscious support from the planet or the heavens; where you feel to have to go it alone or do it all alone; where you feel there is no way out of your current dilemma; where you feel like just giving up and leaving the planet; where all you sense is darkness everywhere and nobody understands you; where you feel what’s the use, why even try anymore; where you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and a general heaviness all around; where you feel all the healing modalities you have tried isn’t working and you are in medical turmoil; where inspiration, hope and faith are gone. It is like “existential agony and despair.”

In esoteric literature, this dark night refers to major turning points in one’s life, where your decisions will affect the rest of your life. It is said we have 2-3 of these dark nights per incarnation and they challenge the soul to be strong and not give up. It challenges the soul to know what is true and what is illusion as far as the belief systems are concerned. It challenges our faith in our self and the universe, God. It basically challenges our way of life as we know it and how we have navigated our life stream and energetics.​ DNS episodes can occur as a mid-life crisis (in your 40’s) and during your 2-3 saturn returns (ages 28-56-84 +/-)​

So here is where the Choice Point comes into play. What are we going to choose? Where are we going to go within to move out of this heaviness and darkness? If the masters and angels have left us (for a time), how is it we are going to survive? Fear not, for the kingdom is at hand.

In this one-hour activational experience, we will address the issues you are facing and bring forth solutions for your understanding, comprehension and enlightenment, so to speak. We will journey through the eye of the needle. You will have support in moving through the veil of forgetfulness and the matrix of denseness. There is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Please join me and bring a friend. Your pets, ancestors and family members are most welcome. This event is for the young and old alike, and all paths are welcome.