Health Restoration III (Full Series) Genitals, Thyroid Gland​, Pineal Gland



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This was amazing!!!! I continue to listen and deepen this experience into my being-ness.”
– C.M., Sedona

Enjoy this unique and exciting vibrational Health Restoration 3 Part Series. 

​In this follow up series to HR I and II, ​we will focus on the alignment between the Endocrine system and the Chakras and bringing forth energetic and vibration transformation of the medical conditions associated with the glands, organs and chakra flows. We will explore the emotional and psychological cause-effect relationships and how this has affected our health and spiritual awareness levels. Guided activations will provide solutions to create harmony within the meridians and organ flows for mind-body balance. The endocrine system is the most spiritualized of the systems of the body – Edgar Cayce.

Your pets (who have human diseases and conditions) are invited to attend.

​HR III, Meditation 1 – Genitals & Pituitary/Thalamus Glands

​The genitals represent male-female principle. The gonads represent creativity, masculinity and reproduction. The ovaries represent creativity, fulfillment and femininity.​ This area of the body represents the base chakra/crown chakra, resp. The thalamus gland represents “who am I?” and is the seat of sensory pathways. When these forces are out of balance, all kinds of illnesses and diseases can occur. Emotional and mental stress plays a very important part in the health of these organs and endocrine centers. We will work with intentions and the body’s senses to bring resolution to this hard-to-heal area of energy medicine.

​HR III, Meditation 2 – Thyroid Gland & Adrenal Glands​

​The thyroid represents personal self expression, creativity, telepathic abilities and the power of the Word. The adrenal glands represents energy and symbiosis with life, survival adaptations and is the seat of fear and sorrow. When out of balance due to emotional and mental stress, all manner of illnesses can show up in the body. We will activate the body’s innate ability to self-correct, self-reorganize and self-restore Nature’s rhythm and balance to restore the divine balance for the organs and systems of the body.

HR III, Meditation 3 – Pineal, Thymus and Pancreas Glands

​The pineal gland is a master gland and mirrors the Self. It is the light activator for the body and endocrine system. The thymus represents the heart of the body in many ways and is the center for immunity and protection. The pancreas ​is an emotional center and is connected to the solar plexus (a matrix of solar pathways). When these glands are out of balance and affected by injury and trauma, illnesses can develop that is difficult to treat with traditional medicine and therapy. We will co-create frequency adjustments that can trigger the body’s innate healing response to affect dna changes and transformations.

You can alternatively purchase each of the sessions separately:

HR III, Part 1 – Genitals & Pituitary/Thalamus Glands

​HR III, Part 2 – Thyroid Gland & Adrenal Glands​

HR III, Part 3 – Pineal, Thymus and Pancreas Glands

Originally broadcast June 5, 12, 19, 2018