Free Master Class – Blue Full Moon – Fireside Chat – Class One


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live August 30, 2023
140 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Preface to Magnetic Healing Series 1-7

In this unique energetic approach to quasar sound-wave magnetics brought to you via the Archangel kingdom, Mother Mary and GAIA, recipients will receive both electromagnetic and magnetic clearing, cleansing, alignment, reconstruction and recalibration of their spiritual bodies that reach the core of their vertical and horizontal fields that will affect change and transformation on the sub-atomic, cellular and dna levels. Attending the whole series live or on replay, recipients will receive a series of deep cleansing and purification of all the systems of the body as well as all their subtle light bodies likened unto a spiritual overhaul and tuneup and mind-body realignment. The energetic treatments will be given in a high frequency healing chamber or matrix in a safe and supportive quantum space.

Some of the spiritual cumulative benefits include: elimination of deep rooted fear and phobias; harmony in your Kundalini flow; communication with your high frequency guides; broadened point of view; enhanced compassion, clarity and focus; 3rd Eye enhancements; greater sense of purpose and commitment; greater openness of self expression; calm and centeredness in the midst of chaos: and clarity in perception, intuition and inner knowing.

Some of the emotional and psychological benefits include: Release of chronic inner tension and stress; improved personal and interpersonal relationships; emotional security and openness; improved sexual identity; heightened awareness of self and personal needs; improved foresight; compassion for others; and reduction in psychosomatic symptoms.

Some of the physical benefits include: Body and emotional detoxing; enhanced immune system functioning; greater lymphatic flow; age reversal; reduction of painful menstrual cycles and pms; greater meridian and Nadis flow; improvement in general energy flows and chi capacity; enhanced body awareness and appreciation; improved sleep and glandular and Vagus Nerve system functioning.

The 7 session treatments address your spiritual body and magnetic field, the 12 chakra system, 12 levels of your auric field and alignments between your soul star and earth star and your I AM Presence with the new earth matrix. Benefits are on-going and cumulative and work over time. Treatments will be given via Archangel Christopher and Gabriel, Mother Mary and the Spirit of GAIA. Be prepared for deep transformation and awakenings. Each Zoom class is like receiving a personal healing session in your own home. Regular repeated listening is highly recommended for maximum benefit. Eat plenty of cooked root vegetables for grounding and focus.

We are calling Starseeds, Indigos and Wayshowers to this free Master Class on how to move through the Earth Changes and transition zone. World events are dictating a coming together of the Tribe to love, support and help heal each other in these uncertain times, for the keynote energy of this year is CHANGE. I will interact with you, as time permits, in responding to your sharing, using my 50+ years in the field in bringing forth the wisdom teachings. We will be assisted by the Arcturian Teaching Council and Guides.

We will be calling in our highest frequency guides and the support of the Angelics on this sacred space and platform for each of you to share and express where you are at and where you want to go in the new earth transition. This master class will be like a “fireside chat” where we can freely share the deep emotions that are being triggered through world and planetary events. It is also an opportunity to come together to connect in sacred space and re-meet one another

Bring a friend or two and let’s create a powerful group energy that we can channel to the earth and humanity for their awakening and healing. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend in the 5th dimension.

Before the event, please meditate, light a white candle, burn some Sai Baba incense and anoint your forehead with Frankincense essential oil. A detox bath is recommended before the event. Allow time for integration afterwards.

Hope to see you LIVE. Blessings from the bliss team

“Thank you very much! What a great call!! I have to tell you though, — tonight — I heard you very differently. Mostly what I want to say to you, is that I HEARD you tonight, because your voice was saying what those Guides were saying in my head. And I waited. And it came out of your mouth! LOL And from a standpoint of being the ‘Observer’ of this experience, I have to say, you have such an unbelievably KIND way of delivering a softer, generalized but specific, collective message …… So tonight was pretty ‘eye-opening’. It was interesting.”

– Dr Karen

“Thank you so much for the replay and this amazing Blue Full Moon master class & activation. Wow! This was such an eye opener to so many topics I have also been thinking about and you addressed everything with much compassion, grace and ease.”

– Cindy