FREE New Years Meditation 2019 – 30 Minutes


Liberated Illumination through Trust and Empowerment, Igniting Joyful Connection.

30 Minutes
Tuesday, Jan 1st at 10:00 AM Pacific
Replay and MP3 Recording available


Join us New Years morning for a meditation to set your soul vibration for the year. Let’s clear our pathway for amazing miracles and blessings. We will journey deep into the still point of your soul-heart connection. A silent meditation into the golden stillness of Being. Invite your friends

Kenji Kumara is getting excited to share this page with anyone who may be interested. It looks like we are going to have an amazing turnout so the energy will be very powerful to start the year.

Let’s get even more people to join this global meditation! Let’s all clear our pathway for amazing miracles and blessings in this new year!

“I warmly recommend Kenji Kumara meditations & Activations. This man is not only very highly connected but also with the ability to help every soul to reconnect high up to its spiritual – pathways, all the way to Source.”

– Ayelet Hashachar Zimmerman, UK & Israel

“Wow what a download today. So powerful it blew the electricity in my neighborhood. I was sitting up listening. I heard Kenji’s voice at one point but thought he was just giving instructions to going further. (Didn’t really hear that it was over at thattime). I continue to sit for an hour. An hour and a half. Two hours. Energy is getting stronger more powerful. My entire body vibrating. Every cell getting juiced up. I finally just lay down around 2 1/2 hours thinking can’t believe Kenji is going so long. The computer screen is still counting up the minutes. When I finally get up around 2 hrs 50 min. The power in the neighborhood is OUT. Ha. Way to go KENJI!. (all is fine now.)
– Sat Nam K.K.