Full Moon Activation – The Blessing


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Join us in celebrating the last Full Moon of 2021. This Full Moon holds The Blessings – the power of Blessings, the embodiment of Blessings, the application of Blessings and the healing of Blessings. Together with the Blessings of the Full Moon and the Divine Feminine, we will receive deeply into the cells of our body the richness of Grace, the holiness of Grace, the sacredness of Grace and the fulfillment of the Prophecies. It has been ordained since the beginning of time that the Soul, in its many travels through the Universes, will, at some point, return to the House of the Father, fully ordained by the Light of God. This attunement will be supported by the Pleiadians, the Buddha and King Ashoka.

Come prepared for a spectacular inner event of transformation, resurrection and transfiguration on the Mount of your Soul. Cleanse your body beforehand so the body can best receive the Divine Light. Allow time afterwards to just BE in the Energy of Bestowal. Relax, enjoy and know that all is well in the Kingdom. Your pets are always welcome to attend, snoring-free. Remember to drink plenty of water afterwards.


Recorded live Sun, Dec 19th, 2021