Full Moon/Fall Equinox – Earth Harvest


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45 Mins

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In this Full Moon/Fall Equinox event, we will begin to initiate the harvesting of your Earth abundance for your body and elemental forces.

Our body has many levels of sub-atomic structures that science is not aware of, many below the level of conscious awareness. In this live and organic activation and meditation, we will journey deep into the body elemental and open up to bring in the harvest for the health and well being of your physical-etheric body. We will use the power and radiance of the full moon to amplify and expand the alignment to cellular health and well being.

We will work with the base chakra and meridian flows to clear unconscious resistance to abundance, prosperity and receiving the healing power of the new earth into your body. Your cells will be rejuvenated, refreshed, renewed, recharge, reset and realigned to the divine flow that lives within your body temple. Come prepared for another unique experience that will have on-going effects, both subtle and profound.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Evergreen recording. Recorded live Monday, Sep 20th, 2021