Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Transmission – Clearing The Pathway To Transformation


Mp3 Audio Activation
44 Minutes


Join us for special Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse activation on Clearing The Pathway To Transformation. We will clear the remaining psychic debris from 2019 so we can bring in the New Year of abundance, prosperity, divine flow, and personal healing.

Many intense world changes are taking place and we will need to stay clear of the fallout and be in our power and integrity. The recorded activation will assist in maintaining a neutral space of Integrity and alignment with the God Within as we move through the avalanche of emotions and astral plane discord that is being manifested by humankind.

Much assistance will be given by the council of light as we sail our lightships into the clear waters of the Void and allowing Trust and Faith to be our  GPS. It is time to move out of the density of matter into the ethereal realms of our Soul.
Originally aired Thurs, Jan 9th, 2020 at 8PM Est/5PM Pst