Healing Shame and Regret Online Activation


1 Hour MP3 Audio Activation

Includes Studio quality mp3 download with professional transcription


We carry around so much shame, blame and guilt, it is not even funny anymore. It all starts in early childhood, being raised to either feel rewarded or punished for our thoughts, deeds and actions. Do this and you will be happy. Remember that one? Or how about don’t do that or you will go to hell!

The church reinforced the idea of heaven and hell as a cultural norm or standard of belief. After all, you can’t go against culture, can you. Or can you? Our grandparents taught our parents you taught us the collective idea of right and wrong, good and bad, heaven and hell. And what resulted in the blame game.

Reflect upon your marriages and intimate relationships. How much shame and blame and guilt to you still carry from them? How many regrets do you still harbor in your emotional and mental bodies? Who is to blame? It all comes from judgment, which we were taught to do as we watched adults be our role-models.

So the theme for this Pre-Full Moon event (which is live, organic and evergreen) is healing the shame that binds us to regrets. I wish I could have, I wish I should have, etc. It is all a set up, folks – this matrix of illusions we have gotten ourselves into and bought from the very beginning of our incarnation. Remember the movie, The Matrix? How did Neo free himself from that matrix and how was he resurrected back to life?

In order to ascend and progress into finer dimensions of understanding and awareness, we first need to clear the blockages in our spiritual energy system, or at least, to clear out from the limbic system in our brain, all the debris and clutter that is weighing us down to gravity and denseness. It could be called the calcification of our brain matter.

In this one hour high frequency experience, we will get in touch with our emotional body and the impressions and conditioning held within the dna which is holding the blame game, shame on me and I regret it kind of thing.

We will bring forth the understanding and healing presence that will shift the emotional body into divine alignment with our true essence and character. It will be like a personality make-over with all natural ingredients. gluten-free and non GMO, for sure.

Join us won’t you, and bring a friend. As always, pets are most welcome and free of charge.


“Yes Kenji . Really cool activation!!! Wow, what interesting Kriyas when you got to the original 8 cells –I was popping and jumping! Feel good, not unconscious like I used to do. Thanks Kenji!”


“Your meditation’s are transforming me and my life. Thank you Kenji Kumara!!!”

Laura L.

Recorded October 13th, 2017