Healing Trauma Super Full Moon Activation


Originally Broadcast Monday, November 14, 2016
4:30 PM  PT/7:30 PM ET
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Traumatic experiences seem to be the norm on this planet. It is a very old ingrained astral pattern that has been encoded into our DNA and now has become a planetary miasm, or a collective consciousness disease pattern in which a great percentage of the population experiences sometime in their lifetime.

Trauma patterns can manifest and reflect in so many different ways. Some of the major ones include auto accidents, sports injuries, early childhood discipline, financial ruin, abandonment from parents, abductions (includes alien), rejection, sexual attacks, birthing pain, prejudice, homelessness, bullying, disgracing the family, peer group outcast, religious and cult abuse, job and/or business loss, academic failure, sexual-physical-mental-emotional-spiritual abuse and punishment, war and battlefield wounds, divorce and/or separation and death and loss of family, friends and pets.

We are now moving out of this old and ancient patterning into a more constructive and healthy way of learning life lessons, ie, learning through joy and love rather than reward and punishment and pain and suffering. The age of suffering is ending, and we have a choice now to move into a reality where we learn from and through and with the power of Grace and Oneness.

In this one hour activation, we will bring forth a quantum understanding and comprehension of what it would be like to live in a world of love, peace, cooperation and balance. You will have an opportunity to begin to clear out all the old baggage, density and constriction of the old world in order to bring in the NEW, your future possibilities of your Soul. It is now time to be in the Present, the Now, the Power that is your Spirit.

Let’s take advantage of the last Super Full Moon of the year and use this lunar power to propel ourselves into new dimensions of consciousness, self-healing, self-transformation, self-realization, and illumination.

If you are now ready to begin to learn the art of receiving and the joy of awakening, then this event is definitely for you, your family and your best friends. If you have suffered enough, then come play with us in the Quantum Field of inspired thought, feeling and action. The journey begins with the first step. Eternal Peace is at hand.



What people have said about Online Activations

“Thank you Kenji! I really needed that!! Wonderful!!! It’s amazing the points you hit upon that are SO relevant. I always feel like you are talking JUST to me…”

-Reis from Mexico

“I feel the energy shifting and transmuting in my body, mind and field. Thank you!!! As always! Namaste”

-Sue from Arlington Heights