Health Restoration III (Part 3) Pineal, Thymus and Pancreas Glands​


Broadcast June 19, 2018
5 pm PT / 8 pm ET
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Join us for this Single Session of the unique and exciting vibrational Health Restoration 3 Part Series

HR III, Part 3 – Pineal, Thymus and Pancreas Glands
Tuesday, June 19th at 5:00 PM Pacific

​The pineal gland is a master gland and mirrors the Self. It is the light activator for the body and endocrine system. The thymus represents the heart of the body in many ways and is the center for immunity and protection. The pancreas ​is an emotional center and is connected to the solar plexus (a matrix of solar pathways). When these glands are out of balance and affected by injury and trauma, illnesses can develop that is difficult to treat with traditional medicine and therapy. We will co-create frequency adjustments that can trigger the body’s innate healing response to affect DNA changes and transformations.

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