Health Restoration IV (Part 1) Anxiety, Stress, Headaches


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This new 3 part series is a continuation of Health Restoration I, II and III series. The vision of this series is to impart the direct experience of what it feels like to shift out of the old paradigm into a New Earth awareness of health and well being. We have chosen topics that are relevant to society and what many are going through as we shift into the age of conscious awareness and present time focus. Spread the word, for when 2 or more are gathered we can shift mountains and heal the planet.

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Health Restoration IV, Part 1 Anxiety/Stress/Headaches

In this continuation of the Health Restore Series and in Part 1, we will go into the cause and effect on an emotional and psychological level that contributes to general and specific manifestations of anxiety, stress and chronic headaches. Anxiety and stress are a major concern for humanity at this time of planetary transition into the New Earth energies. Headaches are often the result of this stress. The pattern of stress is an inherited condition so let’s invite your ancestors to this event. Relevant for the whole family.