High Frequency Soul Activation with Kimberly and Kenji-August 2024 Session


Live August 24,2024
2:00 pm-4:00 pm AZ/PT | 5:00 pm-7:00 pm ET USA
Replay/Download Includes: video and zoom transcription

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Ignite The Flame Of Presence
A High Frequency Group
Interactive Immersion Into Wholeness

Join us in this group healing event as we journey together into the higher frequencies of the Quantum, the 5th dimension, and beyond!

Both Kimberly and Kenji will interact with the live audience bringing forth 1:1 mentoring activations, mediumship readings, and holy spirit healings.

We will conclude this starseed gathering with a group meditation and prayer that will continue to work in your Field until complete.

Your spiritual guides and pets are most welcome to attend.

Bring a water bottle, notebook, and pen.

About Kenji Kumara: 76, is a channel for ascended energies, a visionary and activator of/for higher consciousness. He works as a transformational messenger, reaching and guiding people from every corner of the globe to achieve New-Earth Consciousness in both personal and planetary ascension. The results have been profound with many who have overcome major difficulties, experienced transformational change, and multiple consciousness shifts – the best part is that it’s all experienced effortlessly with Kenji’s style of ease and grace.

Known for his unique ability to guide people into deep meditation with his gentle activations, he keeps it simple and effortless as the doorways to source connection are opened. The I AM God self invoked and in a loving manner- people are shifted into higher-awareness and self-mastery. It has been his personal joy to help people understand their life’s purpose and claim their true destiny.

About Kimberly Meredith: is a world-renowned celebrity medical intuitive medium, healer, media influencer, and the bestselling author of Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing. Following two Near Death Experiences, Kimberly was blessed with healing gifts from the Holy Spirit. Her remarkable abilities have been scientifically validated by numerous research institutes, including the PSYtek Subtle Energy Laboratory, Dr. Norm, Shealy’s Shealy Sorin Wellness Institute, and the IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, headed by Dr. Dean Radin and founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Kimberly also hosts The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show, a syndicated hit show broadcast worldwide on Blog Talk Radio, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and all major podcasting platforms. Kimberly also appears on all major media platforms, numerous television shows, expos, Omega Institute, magazine covers, podcasts and radio shows, including ABC TV, CBS TV, Coast to Coast AM, the cover of Women Fitness, Preferred Health, Harper Bazaar Vietnam and many more. Kimberly loves communicating with those on the Other Side to bring healing message to all who need comfort and insight. She provides readings, healings, and guidance to adults children, and animals.

Come join us before the event via Instagram Live!
The Live event on Kimberly’s page will be August 14th at 4pm AZ/PT / 7pm ET USA. Click here to join live!

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