Immersion Into Presence on the Wolf Full Moon


Recorded Live Jan 25, 2024
40 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Join us for a special Full Moon/Immersion into the Presence. This is a multi-dimensional meditative inward journey into deepening your ability to embody the subtle layers of your divine Presence. We will journey through the higher dimensions and practice “holding” or embracing the Oneness Energy within our higher octave light bodies and conclude with the Clear Light integration into and through your whole chakra system.

This is an advance attunement for all starseeds and Indigos who are ready to take their next step along their destiny pathway and will enhance your ability to effortlessly create and manifest their Soul’s high purpose.

We will be assisted by the guides: Buddha, Babaji, White Buffalo and White Tara. Prepare for this event by fasting, detox bathing, earthing and journal writing your goals for this evergreen and eternal activation. Bring a notebook and pen and water bottle. Leave time for contemplation and quiet time. Envision your dreamtime and wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to go.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of the Wolf Moon?
During the heart of winter, the wolf moon appears, indicating a time of stillness and profound self-reflection. The wolf moon is believed to symbolize the power and strength of wolves, which are often associated with intuition, loyalty, and a strong connection to nature.

Peaking in the sign of fiery Leo, this year’s wolf moon brings strong themes of self-love and self-validation. It is a time of boldness, playfulness, creativity, and self-expression. Spiritually, the January 2024 wolf moon pushes you to live deeper in your truth, giving you the courage to try new things and step outside your comfort zone as you prepare to embark on a new 12-month journey. – Popsugar

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