Integrating Your Many Selves – Gathering Your Soul Fragments





Healing trauma. Are you searching for the rest of you – those so-called missing parts; those parts of you that got spaced out or traumatized out of this physical realm?

Have you been searching for yourself, your true self that you know is out there somewhere?

Have you been seeking teachers to help you regain yourself, to put you back together again, like Humpty Dumpty?

Well look no further, like universal magic your wishes have been granted!

You will:

  • Reclaim your Power
  • Re-establish your Essential Foundation
  • Balance your Strength
  • Regain your Integrity
  • Reunite with your Soul Presence

Rest assured, the search can end right here, right now. I am offering you a unique and compelling 6 week tele-course series addressing this planetary need to get back to our wholeness, our integrity, our essential beingness.

Kenji will cover the basic realms in which you may have lost your strength and unwillingly given away your knowledge and clarification, and help you to reconnect with your intuition and ability to manage your current incarnation.

Our divine right is one of love, joy, eternal peace and well-being!

Here is the program:

FREE Intro – Overview of the curriculum and benefits

#1 The trauma of birth and the fear of death – The veiling and the ring pass not

#2 Early childhood trauma and the effects in your adult life – The wounded healer heals

#3 Shutting down your power and knowing in order to fit in – Lost creativity and genius-ness

#4 Fear of being seen, heard and expressing – Survival needs and adaptations

#5 Anger, frustration, grief, loss and abandonment – Impact on the brain, emotions and thinking process

#6 The Way Out – bringing compassion, awareness and love into our timeline of expression – The divine awakening has begun – Rebuilding your sanctuary

Kenji will address the many compensations we create in order to survive, be heard and to fit in. These are the archetypal patterns common to this planet for our survival as a species.

It is now time to change this pattern. All classes include FREE studio-quality mp3 downloads of the activations. Replays are up within 24 hours. All classes will be spontaneously transmitted according to the needs of the group.


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