Pre 9:9 Stargate/Full Moon – Ascension Acceleration


Pre 9:9 Stargate/Full Moon- Accession Acceleration
Recorded Sep 8, 2022
Activation Meditation
Audio + Video Instant Download
Length 47 minutes

Early Bird till September 5th

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Join us for another unique Stargate Activational event. Today, we will focus on the 9:9 Stargate and the power of 9. Our focus will be on self mastery and the completion of your current growth cycle as we bring in the acceleration energy of Divine Will, the First Ray of Creation. This is an initiation event that will help trigger and accelerate your movement forward along your ascension pathway.

You will receive, according to your belief and trust in self, exactly what you are ready to integrate into your daily life. Your gifts, talents and innate abilities are ready to flower and blossom into existence as you prepare your body temple to become more Light and Wisdom.

We will align with the Divine Mysteries, the Unseen, the Unknown and the Magic of Creation. Your support team for this event will be the Council of 9 and its emissaries of Light. Prepare beforehand your body and mind to be open to all possibilities of transformation, illumination, empowerment and liberation. Your pets, ancestors and Inner Child are most welcome to attend.

Notes: 9 is the mystic number of the universe. The power of nine in numerology is completion and mastery, the final phase of a period of growth. As a symbol of the universe, it contains all numbers or phases of experience. That’s why it’s considered the number of initiation, graduation, progression, knowledge and universal love. It is the number of the adept and of “magic”. – Deep Soulo