Navigating Beyond the Chaos 4-Part Online Series


4-Part Online Activation Series
Includes Recordings and Transcript files.


“What the heck is going on here? I cannot believe all this is happening! What am I to do in this crazy world?”

You are not alone and many of us are searching for answers to heal this conflict in consciousness that is affecting all of humanity and the systems of our beloved Earth.

The human systems are breaking down and collapsing right in front of our eyes. The human-made constructs are dying and falling apart. Much of what we have been told in schools and in the books are not working and no longer relevant to many of us. We are witnessing the death of the old age as the new one begins to emerge, sometimes with great pain and pressure.

Do we move away from the cities and live in self-sufficient communities? Do we stock water and food for the next 3 years? Do we hide out in caves and become breatharians? 

I have heard the call and answering it to the best of my ability by offering you a 4-part series called,” Navigating Beyond The Chaos” or how to journey through the veil and not get stuck in it. (This series is a prep course for our 2017 offerings.)

Is it possible to be free of the old matrix of illusion and suffering? That is the query. I believe YES and we will spontaneously transmit the shakti energy that can free you from the pain and pressure of living in the old world energy of fear. Like in the movie, “The Matrix,” you can be like Neo or Morpheus. So what pill do you take, and are you willing to go down the “Rabbit Hole?”

Class Descriptions

In Class 1, we will heal and transform our survival fears and unconscious imprinting.

In Class 2, we will cleanse and purify the imbalance internal energies within our emotional and mental bodies.

In Class 3, we will transmute the unconscious patterns within our physical body and empower our energy field, chakra system, and power centers.

In Class 4, we will bridge the gap between our spirit and our body and strengthen our connection with our life path and soul purpose.

About the Series

We will playfully work with the pineal gland, original 8 cells of creation, the power points of the body and our light bodies. We will clear, balance and align the chakra system, nadis and 4 lower bodies and bring forth a new kind of “grounding process” with the core of Nature.

As always, you will be assisted and supported by the Realms of Light and Love as well as GAIA and your home world. Your soul group will be present to honor your efforts in bringing forth the Peace That Passeth All Understanding.

This series promises to be a very powerful quantum level application of the spiritual energies that are ready to come into your life. The benefits of this series can last for years to come, for we are in the midst of a profound transition period. You will have the knowing and knowledge to move beyond any obstacles in your life if you apply the teachings and do your daily homework. This series can serve as a guidebook for your journey Home.



“Just wanna say thank you so much Kenji for the download of the magical ‘Navigating the Chaos’ ReSet, as that was exactly happened! I also did this in 2016 but it was not as powerful as this time around – it worked on all levels this time with much rocking around my body and up and down – nothing to do with me!
It was truly a well needed Re-Set! So Thank You Kenji!”
– Rozzy x