Relationship Magic — “Best Of” 6 Activation Package


6 Activation Package
3.3 Hours of MP3 Audio


Are you ready to attract a loving relationship in your life using Kenji’s Activations?

Reality — and relationships — are a reflection!

“As above, so below…” — this holds true in relationships.  If you want to attract a loving relationship, you must attract a loving relationship within yourself.

Learn how to make yourself MAGNETIC for loving relationships.  

Relationships have multiple dimensions —  Your relationship with yourself, with a lover, with your friends and with the universe/source.  To create better relationships, we must release wounds from the past, energize the future, find your passion in the now, project a “YES” attitude to the Universe…

This 6 MP3 Audio package is Kenji’s BEST activations for attracting a loving relationship – every kind of relationship – like magic!

This package is for you if you say “yes” to any of these statements:

  • You want to find that “special someone”
  • You want your current relationship to be more loving
  • You want to love yourself EVEN MORE
  • You want life to feel EXCITING & PASSIONATE
  • You want friends to be attracted to you magnetically
  • You want to attract more clients to your business

What you get:

  • 6 MP3 Audio Activations for Attracting a Loving Relationship
  • Open to your purpose, clear blocks, magnetize love
  • 3.3 Hours of MP3 Audio

Activations Included:

  • Sparkling Lights, Dancing Lights
    (45 min)

    Whether you are single, waiting for the significant other to show up, about to enter a loving relationship or in a committed relationship, this new activation is for all lovers of L.O.V.E. – Living One Vibrational Energy.This 45-minute activation will have many qualities that fit your personal needs and vision – from drawing to you, attracting to you, bonding what you are building upon and enhancing the love that already exists within you.
  • Release from Separation and Merging with the Quantum
    (40 min) 
    This powerful and deeply cleansing attunement replaces all old programming with your codes of the future. It begins with the connection of the brain hemispheres to come into a space of coherence and clarity. All unconscious resistance and fears are released in a place of no judgment. After separating from the trauma and chaos of the world and other people, you will receive a deep cleansing of the body and energetic field, connecting you with Oneness. You will merge with Prime light from the Great Central Sun and re-calibrate the brain to hear the celestial sounds of the Universe to allow in love, friendship an relationship abundance. You will be released from density, and with the help of dolphins and the Angels, you will receive healing from past traumas and a profound sense of playfulness, gentleness, wisdom, and allowance. Before you emerge from this Divine Quantum space, you will receive the gift of “Angel Dusting.”
  • Energy Adjustments (2 parts)
    (25 mins) Creation your own reality with this activation.  Create the life and the love YOU want.  Kenji leads you through an amazing Quantum experience- an energy balancing through the Pineal gland and the axis and directed through the spine. As you allow the Quantum state to hold you, you will receive a vibration allowing you to return to your original blueprint, directly connected to Source.
    You will bring this vibration through the spine and anchor it into the original 8-cells of the body as all of your tension and trauma dissolves.  As you receive Source Energy from the Great Central Sun, you will experience renewed life and Energy through all of your cells and have the opportunity to infuse this new vibration into a life situation of your choice.  You will emerge with an awareness of this new Light-filled reality.  Ready to create any relationship you want?Then in the second part, we can hold this inspiration to support you in order to move you forward. Erasing doubts, holding onto passion and becoming more spiritually aware and intuitive. You will see and feel the doors open for your relationships in these amazing, powerful, life-changing activations.
  • Reconnect to Your True Body and Self // Self Love Activation
    (12 min)
    During this brilliant activation, you will bring in the Divine light to your body, enabling the I Am, the Soul, the Light to now be illuminated. Exhaling all old energies in your body, old energies that may have been going undetected, you can now release them all and let them out the door. Allowing the Earth Mother to cleanse you and support you.

  • Ignite Your Path // Life Purpose Activation
    (28 min) 
    Love Your Life!  Go back into a deep relaxation, picking up where we left off previously. Breathe in the awareness to one’s path and feel the connection. Disconnect from everything irrelevant in your life and come into your own true, soul level, energy. Own more deeply your body and focus on the healing and love of your soul signature. Hold your intention of the clarity of purpose, your vision, and your mission in this lifetime. Go in and find where you hold your resistance to change, or pain or doubt, whatever it is that may be holding you back from igniting your path.
  • Clearing The 4 Major Archetypes
    (45 min)This amazing activation unlocks the 4 Archetypes that influence all of us: the Inner Child, the Saboteur, the Prostitute, and the Victim. You will receive healing for all aspects ready to shift, so that they will no longer affect you in any negative way.
    Kenji sets the protocol for Quantum Lightweaving®, allowing you to journey deep into the Quantum field, where healing takes place. The wounded Inner Child will receive immediate healing from a space of security and loving support, releasing wounds and deeply receiving Unconditional Love. The Saboteur Archetype comes from a subconscious feeling of being unworthy to receive, and can sabotage all your progress or positive things in your life.The Prostitute archetype represents every time when you have functioned outside of your integrity, not speaking your truth, or compromised your being for the sake of fitting in, often creating pain or dysfunction in the body. You will receive a powerful release from the influence of this archetype and a deep Quantum healing. Finally, you will be released from the sense of being a victim, so that you will go forward manifesting as a Creator.This activation connects you deeply to the Stillness of inner space, so that you may receive all Divine Light and merge with Oneness, free of the influence of all 4 archetypes.


Begin your loving relationship journey today!