Magnetic Healing Part 2 – Pre Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse


Recorded Live Oct 26, 2023
45 Min
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Please join us for Part 2 of Magnetic Healing, a group healing experience. This event is a followup to Part 1 and in this powerful activation, we will rebuild your Merkaba, your vehicle of Light. Your Merkaba is an important element and aspect of your Spiritual Body and how you navigate as Soul on the inner planes and higher dimensions. Many souls today are walking around with a damaged and mostly inoperative Merkaba due to false education and early childhood development, trauma, injuries, surgeries and past life sufferings that have not been addressed or healed.

This spontaneous event will address rebuilding and recalibrating your vehicle of Light so that you can begin to navigate the inner planes and higher dimension with much more clarity, focus and intention.We will bring in the vibration of the Arcturians and the Violet Flame. This activation will greatly assist in the healing of your Inner Child and past life wounds and traumas. We will work with the power of sacred geometry and the Tetrahedron, the golden Infinity Sign and the power of the number 8.

Please prepare for this empowering event by detoxing, bathing in sea salt, journaling your intentions and grounding in Nature. Before the event starts, prepare by lighting a white candle, sageing or burning a cleansing incense and wear colors of white, golden and/or pink. Bring a water bottle, a journal and pen. You will receive the activation laying down on a comfortable mat or your bed. There will be no live interaction during the call so that you can linger in the afterglow of the healing process and go into deep reflection and contemplation.

Your pets and ancestors are welcome to attend in the 5th dimension. The after effects and benefits from this event will continue to manifest over time in a gentle and profound manner, so stay open to all possibilities. Activations are evergreen and it is recommended to repeat the activation as needed for maximum benefit.