Master Series Level Two Five-hour Review Day


Fairfield, IA. November 12, 2012.
Recommended for all MS2 Intensive Participants.



Review of Level I plus Level II review of time travel, re-birthing process, creating and downloading templates, original trauma release, Cocoon of Light process, and more on the art of catching and meditation. Includes 5 advanced attunement activations for deeper meditative connection with the council of 14, counsel of clarity, guardian angels, inner child and the higher self. Expansive alignment with the star clusters, GAIA, ascended masters, archangels and the hierarchy of light. Preparation for the New Earth frequencies for 2013.

These videos were recorded live during the November 2012 Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 2 Intensive Review in Fairfield, Iowa. You will receive the attunements, and Kenji will teach and demonstrate advanced transformational techniques such as First Trauma Release, Light Cocooning, Downloading, and Re-birthing. This video series is the sequel to the Master Series One Intensive Review, and it will help you further align to the QL matrix and the realm of Infinite Possibility, which is the space where the work takes place.