Ivy League Love Academy


2 Activations
1.5 Hours of Audio

Clearing The 4 Major Archetypes:
Wounded Child, Saboteur, Prostitute and Victim.

This activation is for all lovers of L.O.V.E.
– Living One Vibrational Energy

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Clearing The 4 Major Archetypes

Wounded Child, Saboteur, Prostitute and Victim.

44:44 Minutes

This amazing activation unlocks the 4 Archetypes that influence all of us: the Inner Child, the Saboteur, the Prostitute, and the Victim. You will receive healing for all aspects ready to shift, so that they will no longer affect you in any negative way. Kenji sets the protocol for Quantum Lightweaving®, allowing you to journey deep into the Quantum field, where healing takes place. The wounded Inner Child will receive immediate healing from a space of security and loving support, releasing wounds and deeply receiving Unconditional Love. The Saboteur Archetype comes from a subconscious feeling of being unworthy to receive, and can sabotage all your progress or positive things in your life. The vibration that holds the Saboteur archetype in place will be released, and you will feel the new power within as this shift occurs. The Prostitute archetype represents every time when you have functioned outside of your integrity, not speaking your truth, or compromised your being for the sake of fitting in, often creating pain or dysfunction in the body. You will receive a powerful release from the influence of this archetype and a deep Quantum healing. Finally, you will be released from the the sense of being a victim, so that you will go forward manifesting as a Creator. This activation connects you deeply to the Stillness of inner space, so that you may receive all Divine Light and merge with Oneness, free of the influence of all 4 archetypes.

Allow 14 days to integrate.

Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.


Sparkling Lights, Dancing Lights

45 Minutes

Whether you are single, waiting for the significant other to show up, about to enter a loving relationship or in a committed relationship, this new activation is for all lovers of L.O.V.E. – Living One Vibrational Energy.

This 45-minute activation will have many qualities that fit your personal needs and vision – from drawing to you, attracting to you, bonding what you are building upon and enhancing the love that already exists within you.

It will be presented in the moment and spontaneously, according to the openness and receptivity of the group present, and on replay.

Join us and share loving energy as we all build the new earth for the benefit of all.


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