Money Reset Workshop w/ Grace & Kenji


Live Activation / 2 Presenters
3 Hour of Audio and Video

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Join us for another fabulous Grace & Kenji online workshop on your quantum money reset. We will go into the astrological influences relating to your beliefs about money and power, and conclude with your divine alignment with the archetype of money and beliefs.

This 3 hour workshop will prepare you for your 2021 soul path manifestations and your 5-D and beyond quantum expression of your soul signature. The healing of your subconscious mind is one of the prerequisites for living on the New Earth and 5-D consciousness.

Time to heal all your money issues and beliefs of lack, scarcity and victimhood. Your divine inheritance is one of prosperity, abundance and joyful living. Give yourself and a loved one this gift of healing your Root and Solar Plexus Chakras in the company of the heavenly angels and masters of manifestation. A wonderful Christmas and holiday present for yourself and a loved one.

Grace’s presentation on Alignment with Wealth

This activation will align all astrological influences in one’s natal chart with wealth, well-being and peace.

  • FIRST HOUSE: House of the Ascendant, first impressions.
  • SECOND HOUSE: House of Resources. Money, material goods.
  • THIRD HOUSE: House of siblings, communications.
  • FOURTH HOUSE: House of home, roots, mother.
  • FIFTH HOUSE: House of creativity, fun, joy.
  • SIXTH HOUSE: House of service, health, legacy.
  • SEVENTH HOUSE: House of relationships.
  • EIGHTH HOUSE: House of transformation.
  • NINTH HOUSE: House of personal evolution.
  • TENTH HOUSE: House of Midheaven, purpose and destiny.
  • ELEVENTH HOUSE: House of friendship, network, future.
  • TWELFTH HOUSE: House of spiritual liberation.


Kenji’s presentation on Divine Money Alignment

Kenji will lead you, through his spontaneous guided activation, to:

  1. Align with your divine understanding of the value and use of money
  2. Embrace your God Given talents in the right use of money (and power)
  3. Accept that you are worthy of being financial successful and prosperity
  4. Receive the bestowal of spiritual wealth and abundance that is your birthright
  5. Integrate the power of money into all your chakras and subtle bodies
  6. Allow the infusion of the blessings from heaven and Earth 2
  7. Trust that It is Given according to your Trust and Belief in Self

The activation will occur on all levels of consciousness that applies and the benefits will manifest in divine right timing as you allow. Since the activation is live and evergreen, it will continue to work as needed until complete.

* Drink water upon conclusion of this event. Get some fresh air and be in Nature.

Originally recorded Sunday, Dec 13, 2020