Moon Bundles Package 2016-2021


132 Activations
Over 88 Hours of Audio and Video



This package contains all of Kenji’s moon events and special activation events from 2016 to 2021. This is the ultimate package to dive deeply into Kenji’s legacy.

This Package includes 132 activations.

What You’ll Receive:

Over-Coming The Obstacles To Peace
Originally Broadcast July 24, 2016

In this 65-minute attunement, Kenji transmits the Divine Shakti, or Oneness vibrational that empowers you to overcoming challenges to achieve inner peace. He taught a new form of electro-magnetic grounding that brings your body’s still point into harmony and balance with the zero point field within the core of the Earth.

Eclipsing Your Inner Shadows
Originally Broadcast August 18, 2016

Come join me in meditation as we deeply reflect upon the patterns going on in our lives and how these unconscious imprints have affected us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We will tap into the energies of the lunar eclipse and full moon to assist us in this journey within.

Eclipsing Your Future Possibilities
Originally Broadcast September 1, 2016

Join Kenji as we use the power of the solar eclipse and new moon to map out our future potentials and possibilities. During this spontaneous transmission of the divine Shakti, we will explore future timelines of manifestation for your soul path and destiny.

Transmuting Loss and Grief*
Originally Broadcast September 15, 2016

This Activation on Transmuting Loss and Grief (from any point in your timeline) is nothing short of amazing and definitely ALCHEMY! If you want results that feel like a seemingly magical process has happened because you will feel a shift, this activation is it!

The Need For Perfection*
Originally Broadcast September 29, 2016

In this one-hour spontaneous transmission from the quantum, we’ll journey into the realms of our “need for perfection”, of being something we’re not. We’ll tap into hidden places in our conditioning where we bought the false belief that we’re not perfect and hence, we strive to be achieve a state of perfection

Healing Shame And Regret*
Originally Broadcast October 13, 2016

In this one hour high frequency experience, we will get in touch with our emotional body and the impressions and conditioning held within the dna which is holding the blame game, shame on me and I regret it kind of thing.

Moving On*
Originally Broadcast October 27, 2016

In this one hour activation, we will uncover the hidden unconscious beliefs and emotions that keep us tied up, stress out and limited to the cultural, religious and societal concepts that do not work anymore. We will bring into the light of understanding of how we can move forward with renewed vitality and energy into the next phase of our lives.

11:11 Portal: Raising Consciousness*
Originally Broadcast November 11, 2016

Kenji’s 11:11 Raising Consciousness activation invokes Prime Source to shower you with a rainbow waterfall of light to wash over you as you allow your subtle bodies to realign.  This flow from your I Am, The Lord God of your Being will soothe and cleanse your emotional body and harmonize and purify your systems.

Healing From Trauma*
Originally Broadcast November 14, 2016

In this one hour activation, we will bring forth a quantum understanding and comprehension of what it would be like to live in a world of love, peace, cooperation and balance. You will have an opportunity to begin to clear out all the old baggage, density and constriction of the old world in order to bring in the NEW, your future possibilities of your Soul.

Transcending Addictions*
Originally Broadcast November 29, 2016

In this one hour activational transmission, we will journey deep in the psyche and ancestral patterns to unlock and free up the frozen inner child so it can be free of it’s unconscious restraints. We will have the vibrational opportunity to release our addictive patterns into the light of compassion and understanding so our personality can become balanced and harmonized with the soul.

Navigating Beyond The Chaos 4-Part Class*
Originally Broadcast December 5-8, 2016

This 4-part series promises to be a very powerful quantum level application of the spiritual energies that are ready to come into your life. The benefits of this series can last for years to come, for we are in the midst of a profound transition period. You will have the knowing and knowledge to move beyond any obstacles in your life if you apply the teachings and do your daily homework. This series can serve as a guidebook for your journey Home.

12:12 Portal: Higher Dimensions*
Originally Broadcast December 12, 2016

In this one-hour activation, we will tap into the power of the 12th dimension as a reference point for future meditations. Our brain and body as a whole, has to get used to higher dimensional flows and activations, so little steps are necessary before we can take a bigger leap of faith into the unknown, the void, the deeper stillness of Being and Presence.

Meditation with Jesus and Mary*
Originally Broadcast December 13, 2016

We will bring through an energetic teaching download from Yeshua and a healing upload from Mary in this one-hour enhanced frequency presentation. Be prepared for some deep changes and shifts in consciousness and body. The activation will be given according to your level of trust, acceptance and allowance.

2016 Integration*
Originally Broadcast December 28, 2016

We will journey together into those areas of unconscious resistance to change and self healing. We have an opportunity to bring forward from our shadow aspect those experiences that have been frozen in time so we can thaw them out and bring love to them. Healing then occurs. We will use the rays and color therapy as tools for your integration.

Recorded between January and December 2017, this package of 20 studio-quality, edited online .mp3 activations will truly help to transform your life and let your inner light shine. Each meditation is approximately one hour in length. What’s more, Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits.

The package includes the following activations and meditations:

New Year Meditation
Broadcast Monday, January 2, 2017

This 30-minute meditation will be presented spontaneously according to the vibration of the group, so please come prepared to manifest great things in your New Year of miracles.

New Perspectives On Money Full Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Thursday, January 12, 2017

Greetings to you in this new year of awakening consciousness. We want to start off this new year with quantum options for manifesting your prosperity and abundance on a financial level. Many are still facing the lack of, the scarcity of, the not enough of money, which on one level, represents your physical ability to maintain a livelihood on the planet and to express your spiritual dharma, or life purpose. Why the struggle with money? Why are healer types still struggling with money to support their grand vision? Why is the middle class struggling to pay their bills? Why are we in credit card debt? Why are college graduates burdened with a huge loan debt?

Dark Night Of The Soul New Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Thursday, January 26

In this one-hour activational experience, we will address the issues you are facing and bring forth solutions for your understanding, comprehension and enlightenment, so to speak. We will journey through the eye of the needle. You will have support in moving through the veil of forgetfulness and the matrix of denseness. There is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Free Silent Meditation – Your Next Step
Broadcast March 7, 2017

Come join me in a silent meditation into your next step. We will set the quantum state protocol and then immerse ourselves deep into the Quantum to activate our next spiritual step in our evolutionary pathway towards wholeness and integrated sovereignty.

Quantum Meditation New Moon Activation
Broadcast on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You are graciously invited to join us for this new moon meditation. This will be a spontaneous transmission into the Quantum field of stillness, the void of all possibility, into the heart of creation. The theme for this meditation will be advancement forward in your ability to go within and access your source energy for manifesting your desired reality. There may be extended periods of deep silence for the brain and heart to receive the blessings.

Power of Compassion Full Moon Online Activation
Originally Broadcast Wednesday, May 10

Let us journey together in this hour of vibrational cleansing where we can bring peace and understanding to “that” which has held us prisoners in our own cave of darkness and despair. This is a journey of communion, of connection, of completion. Are you ready? The masters are waiting.

Power of Forgiveness New Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Thursday, May 25

In today’s lunar event, we will go further into the nature of Forgiveness and what that means in our daily life, and how we can apply the principles of gratitude and appreciation to those memories of our past and future. In the esoteric tradition, Forgiveness plays an important role in the healing and ascension process. It can be a catalyst for change, for transformation, for transmuting the shadow aspects within our incarnational pattern, so we can release ourselves from the karmic pattern of birth and rebirth.

Trust and Miracles
Broadcast June 8, 2017

We are offering a free summer gift of a live, evergreen and non GMO guided meditation for your body, heart and mind. The theme for this pre-full moon event is Trust and Miracles: a guided journey into the heart of wonder.

Journey Into Deep Peace New Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Thursday, June 22, 2017

We are offering this live, organic and non-GMO companion meditation to the June 8 pre-full moon meditation that is entitled, Journey Into Deep Peace. As the world moves through its chaos, confusion, conflict, extreme polarities and cognitive failures, there is also an energy that runs alongside of it that we could call the blessings, the miracles, the oneness, the grace, the higher dimensional light and sound of great change, transformation and transmutation.

No More Rescue Full Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Thursday, July 6, 2017

As Humanity moves through the layers of the ascension process, the shadow aspects will begin to emerge more fully for healing and recognition. As we move into the next planetary phase of accelerated evolution, the hidden and unconscious aspects of the mental and emotional body will make themselves present for our understanding. All is asking for completion. All is asking for union with our greater self. This, in deed, is a time of healing and transformation.

Choose Again New Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Monday, July 24, 2017

In this quantum transmission, we will go into your conflicted areas of discomfort and difficulties and help you to bring forth solutions, ideas and intuitions that you are ready to embody in your life. We will be supported by the Angels of Peace as we bring forth from our spirit, the answers to our stress and anxieties.

Free Yourself from Drama Full Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Monday, August 7, 2017

Are you tired of experiencing the same old trauma, drama and stories? Have you hit the wall of your limitations too many times to count? Do you want to re-write and re-frame your mindset? Join us for this powerful lunar full moon eclipse event!

Emotional Mastery New Moon Online Activation
Broadcast Monday, August 21, 2017

Do you wonder how the Avatars and Masters dealt with the full range of human emotions, feelings and energetic vibrations? Are you ready to rid yourself of those emotional extremes? Join us for this powerful Solar Eclipse on the New Moon!

Belief and Trust Full Moon Online Activation
Broadcast on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

In this quantum activation presentation, we will go deeply into our psyche to uncover, like a master archaeologist, the roots of our buried knowingness that represents our “trust-in-self-and-in-God” wisdom. We will clear away, like a master window cleaner, the dust and dirt that has colored our internal vision of who and what we are. We have an opportunity to experience the fullness of our Presence and the truth of our Being-ness.

Spiritual Direction and Guidance New Moon Online Activation
Broadcast on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Many seekers worldwide are looking for spiritual guidance from gurus, psychics, channelers, spiritual healers, energy workers, seminar leaders, body workers, therapists, holistic doctors and counselors, thought leaders, change agents, spiritual teachers, and the list goes on and on. These are all good up to a certain point. At the turning point in one’s evolutionary path, one has to give these all up and seek the God Within.

Harmony and Balance: The Flow of Life Full Moon Activation
Broadcast on Thursday, October 5, 2017

You know what it is like to be out of the flow, off course, off center, out of sorts, out of focus and not yourself. You have heard the phrases: mind-body connection, soul alignment? And being in one’s power as a way to describe true inner and outer alignment. In this Quantum Transmission we will align you with the flow of life

Soul Recharge New Moon Activation
Broadcast on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Are you experiencing exhaustion, tiredness, fatigue, wipe-out, insomnia, restlessness, headaches, digestive disorders, back pain, brain fog, confusion and general uneasiness. These are trying times where you’re being challenged to look within and to get to the root of the problems and challenges of your daily life. You may not know where to look for the solutions. Even if you find the solution, it is only temporary and before long problems are showing up again to be resolved.

11:11 Gateway Transmission
Broadcast on Saturday, November 11, 2017

In this special 11:11 Gateway transmission, we will open up to and receive the 5th-9th dimensional frequencies of transmutation and transformation. We will first do a clearing and cleansing of our 4 lower bodies to prepare for the embodiment of the pristine vibrations of the higher realms of Light and Love from the Archangel Kingdom.

12:12 Gateway Transmission
Broadcast on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

In this special one-hour transmission, we will open the channels to receive the beautiful 12:12 energies of transformation and acceleration. This gateway will allow us to receive all 12 major rays of creation in a way that supports us to embody our I AM Presence. We have the opportunity to clear our major 12 meridians, 12 major chakra points and 12 of the major power points of the body.

Winter Solstice Christos Transmission
Broadcast on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Come join us in this special transmission from the Great Central Sun as we celebrate with love and gratitude the hard work of our ancestors, masters and teachers who have helped pave the way for our awakening. Lightweavers worldwide are encouraged to join in so we can create a powerful circle of Light that will dispel the darkness that is upon the earth. This is a call to the gathering of all light bearers who hold that sacred chalice and the holy grail for the enlightenment of the earth and all of humanity. The call goes out to the 12 tribes of Israel to unite in the power of Love. It is time to unite and build the rainbow bridge to the celestial realms.


In this very special 2018 Moon Bundle, you get all the full moon and new moon activations of 2018, plus all the special events of the year, including the monthly recharge events, 11:11, 12:12 portal events and New Years meditations. 32 Activations in total.  These meditations are evergreen, so they will continue to work year after year.

“Wow, I’m just blown away… The White light is very powerful and strong I felt all my chakras being energised..I was blessed this year to attend Kenj’is Australian retreat and since returning with the help of Kenji’s amazing Activations I have had amazing success at work. I have achieved bonus after bonus. I highly recommend purchasing the 11/11 and the 12/12 activations as a bundle… Blessings and a Successful, Prosperous year to all.”
Kindest regards, Donna-Cherie, Australia

Activations included:

  • 1:11 Empowerment  ($22 value, 1/11/18)
    • The Power of 1 is at hand. Prepare your awareness for the empowerment that you have been asking for. We will be working with the power of the 1:11 – the power of the 1 and the power of the 11 stargate. Together, these numerical energies can empower your creative force, your creativity through the portals of of space and time into the realms of the “timeless,” where anything is possible.
  • 1:22 Empowerment  ($22 value, 1/22/18)
    • The power of 22 can be enormous. 22 is a master builder. It is a 2 doubled. 2’s are receptive, nurturing, supportive. The keynote of 22 is revelation. We are taking a journey into that mystical realm to experience not only what revelation feels like, but also what it can do humanity in this 3D world of duality. Join us as we co-create our divine destiny using the power of 22. Let us build together the kind of world we desire to live in and the kinds of spiritual connections we all want. The 22 activation can be your foundation for building a life of Light, Joy and Eternal Peace. The masters will be present to join you on this sacred journey of light.
  • February New Moon Meditation  ($20 value, 2/15/18) 
    • ​In the meditation, we will unify mind and heart in the manifesting process. We will learn to let go of the past and to invoke the future into our NOW moment. We will learn to use intention, imagination and feeling to manifest our Soul’s life purpose.
  • March Full Moon Meditation ($20 value, 3/1/18)
    • We will use the three-fold manifesting process and experience periods of deep silence so the body can begin to absorb and take in more of the quantum frequencies of oneness, bliss and joy.
  • March New Moon Meditation – Healing Unconscious Stress – ($20 value, 3/15/18)
    • Join me for a new moon activation in healing unconscious stress and tension. We will work on the 4 lower bodies in bringing forward your areas of unconsciousness relating to becoming fully awake, alive and a soul manifesting presence on the earth. Deepen your ability to expand, connect and align with your divine presence. This is an opportunity to make huge vibrational shifts in consciousness and heal long-standing issues of self identity and self esteem.
  • March Full Moon Meditation – Pineal Chakra Expansion ($20 value, 3/29/18)
    • The full moon is a great time to expand your awareness and deepen your ability to heal yourself. We will explore energetically how to clear and activate your pineal chakra, the endocrine system, your nervous system and the sacred brain centers. The pineal cavity is a most important area of your brain that regulates body consciousness, healing and its ability to hold Light in the body field.
  • April 16 New Moon Meditation – Healing The Wounds ($27 value, 4/16/18)
    • In this quantum presentation on healing the wounds of the psyche, we will bring forth the sacred space to open up to our wounding from a quantum perspective – the Voyager space – and then to initiate the vibrations, knowing and space to heal and transmute our pain and suffering. Our ultimate destiny is one of bliss, oneness and joyful connection. We will bring in the “soulness” into our body, into our emotions, into our mind so we can finally be free of the suffering from not only this lifetime, but all lifetimes where we have suffered and not healed.
  • April Full Moon Meditation – Multidimensional Reset – ($27 value, 4/30/18)
    • In this unique quantum presentation, we will uncover those areas of resistance and unconsciousness where we became powerless and went into subtle levels of fear. We will learn how to empower our conscious self and to emerge our true self. By doing this, we become more of a Whole and align to and expressing oneness, unity and connection. We will energetically align the 12 major dimensions into your power center, still point and sacred heart and balance your horizontal and vertical fields through your Core. This promises to be an intense transmission, so come prepared for an amazing journey within.
  • May Meditation – Calm, center, balance and energize ($5 value, 5/1/18)
    • Experience the alignment of your brain-heart connection and your chakra system as you come into the Now moment of awakened presence. Invite your friends to join you in this journey of joyful inner connection. Pets are welcome to attend. We recommend you listen to this activation each day for the whole month.
  • May New Moon Meditation – Rise Up! ($27 value, 5/15/18)
    • In this unique presentation, we will journey into the unconscious of tribal consciousness to uncover the hidden conditioning that keeps you in bondage to matter and density. We will dive deep into the waters of illusion where false perception hides. From the state of knowing, we will begin to transform suffering into joy, peace and union within self. This promises to be a very ascended event.
  • May Full Moon Meditation – The Peace Within ($27 value, 5/29/18)
    • Take the journey with me as we explore within how to tap into, align with and integrate this vibrational frequency. In the Quantum are your many possibilities and potentials, waiting to be embraced with an open heart and open mind. It is possible for the mind to be free. It is possible for the heart to be free of all pain and heartaches. It is possible to have that union that you so truly desire.
  • June Goal Setting – 15 Minute Meditation  ($11 value, 5/31/18)
    • Join us in this monthly meditation as we set goals for the month and create mind-body balance. Great for the nervous system and your brain-heart alignment. Relaxing and energizing activation and food for the soul.  Listen to this at the beginning of every month (not just June!).
  • June New Moon – Money Healing Meditation ($27 value, 6/13/18)
    • Generations have gone through wars, depressions, recessions and famines which have influenced their world view of money, power and status. These beliefs have been passed down through the generations and are held in our coding. Wonder why you have such problems earning money as a lightweaver, as a visionary, a thought leader, as a change agent? Why are there starving artists and healers? Why are spiritual types lacking in money flow? Why is there black lash on charging money for healing sessions? Why are people judging others who are trying to make a living as a lightweaver?
  • Enhancing Self Worth​ – Activation Meditation  ($27 value, 6/28/18)
    • Join us as we release the old programming and bring in the new. Your 5th dimensional self is waiting to arrive upon the earth. Let us celebrate this homecoming of rising our self esteem to the highest possible dimension and vibration. Your ancestors are welcome to attend.
  • July Alignment – 15 Minutes ($7 value, 7/2/18)
    • We will hold the quantum space for you to realign and adjust your internal frequencies to match the solar flare radiations so your body can more easily handle the incoming solar magnetics for balanced emotional flows and relationships. The brain and heart need to be synchronized for harmonic equilibrium and stasis. Drink plenty of water this month.
  • July New Moon/Eclipse Meditation ($15 value, 7/12/18)
    • In this spontaneous 30 minute activation, we will go deep into silent quantum meditation to solidify our soul and I AM Presence connection. The energy delivered will depend on the live audience present. For your pets, too.
  • Emergency First Aid Meditation ($25 value, 7/24/18)
    • Then this transmission and activation will help you to move through your trauma with more grace, ease, comfort and support. Many are experiencing intense upheavals and reality changes and shifts. We will bring forth those vibrations that will help you to move through these changes more gracefully and compassionately. The angel healing and comedy teams are here to assist. For your pets and horses, too.
  • July Pre Full Moon/Eclipse Healing ($15 value, 7/26)
    • In this spontaneous silent activation, we will journey deep into the consciousness and body for core healing and resolution. The theme will depend on the live audience present. Your pets are most welcome.
  • August Reset – 15 Minutes ($7 Value, 7/2/18)
    • This month we will reset your chakras and magnetic fields to better accommodate the influx of solar radiations that have been at high volume this summer. Will will recalibrate the pineal chakra for stronger balance with the quantum energy that is infusing your organs and systems. Drink plenty of water this month.
  • August New Moon / Solar Eclipse / Lionsgate Meditation ($15 value, 8/9/18)
    • The Lionsgate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star, Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet.
  • August Pre Full Moon-Healing ($15 value, 8/23/18)
    • ​In this pre-Full Moon activation, we will focus deeply into our energy field to uncover and resolve hidden memories that are ready to become conscious for healing. The depth of this silent guided transmission will depend on the live audience present. Pets are most welcome to sit in and receive.
  • September Recharge ($15 value, 9/1/18)
    • This is the last summer month of intense solar magnifications​ so it is important to recharge your nervous system with balanced energies. This transmission will provide you with the necessary quantum chi to refresh and regenerated your endocrine system for better health maintenance and spiritual focus and flow Drinking lots of water will help this process of movement forward into the fall months.
  • October Monthly Meditation – Light Infusion – 15 Minutes ($7 value, 10/1/18)
    • Infuse your month with more supreme light from the Quantum Field. Enliven your activities and actions with more love and grace. Be the beacon of light for your community and tribe. Be the shining example of the oneness.
  • October Full Moon Meditation ($15 value, 10/24/18)
    • Join us for a silent meditation in the Quantum on “What I join with becomes real”.  An inward journey into the heart of creation and your essentialness. Be prepared for a powerful experience.
  • November Pre-Full Moon Meditation – 30 Minutes ($15 value, 11/20/18)
    • Join us in this evening for a silent meditation in the quantum field on “I dedicate all thoughts to union”. Another powerful focus to create inner harmony and balance. Journey into the stillness of your essence.
  • 11:11 Activation ($27 value, 11/11/18)
    • 11:11 Portal activation for enhancing your divine awareness, spiritual focus, emotional passion and body wellbeing. A guided quantum journey through the fabric of time into the Timelessness and Stillness of Presence. A supreme out-of-body experience for young and old alike. And for your pets
  • November Monthly Meditation – Zero Pt – 15 minutes ($7 value, 11/1/18)
    • Reset your awareness back to your inner zero point and core of stillness. Set your month up with balanced one pointed focus and attention. Be the center of the cyclone and abide in your strength to move through all experiences with more grace and ease.
  • December Monthly Meditation – Blessings – 15 Minutes ($7 value, 12/2/18)
    • Receive the spiritual blessings from the brotherhood and sisterhood of Light. Accept the gifts are are being bestowed upon your Crown. Wear the mantle of grace, for it is given according to your belief and trust in yourself. Wear the robe of many colors, for this is your natural birthright.
  • Mary Magdalene 12:12 Transmission – 44 minutes ($27 value, 12/12/18)
    • Unique 12:12 Portal transmission from Mary Magdalene. Empower your soul destiny and life purpose harnessing this beautiful inclusive 12 Ray energy focus. Embody the rainbow lights through your 12 major chakra channels as you receive the love and grace energy from the divine feminine. Great for the family and pets.
  • Christ Full Moon Solstice Transmission – 44 minutes ($27 value, 12/20/18)
    • Unique christed solstice transmission from our beloved brother, Yeshua Ben Joseph and the Christ Light. Learn and experience the empowerment of divine will and power and the divine masculine in your endocrine and nervous systems as you journey deep within to the sacred heart of the I AM within and your God Self. A can’t miss event for family and pets.
  • Super Full Moon New Years Meditation 2018 (1/1/18)
    • Join me in a powerful activation that can set the “tone” for the year and empower you to be a stronger, healthier, more vibrant and radiant spiritual presence upon the earth and in the heavens.
  • New Years Meditation 2019 (1/1/19)
    • Let’s clear our pathway for amazing miracles and blessings. We will journey deep into the still point of your soul-heart connection. A silent meditation into the golden stillness of Being. Invite your friends


30 Minutes Audio

A meditation to set your soul vibration for the year. Let’s clear our pathway for amazing miracles and blessings. We will journey deep into the still point of your soul-heart connection. A silent meditation into the golden stillness of Being. Invite your friends

Kenji Kumara is getting excited to share this page with anyone who may be interested. It looks like we are going to have an amazing turnout so the energy will be very powerful to start the year.

Let’s get even more people to join this global meditation! Let’s all clear our pathway for amazing miracles and blessings in this new year!


30 Minutes Audio

Eclipses release energy and trigger things from the past that needed to to be released. Eclipses are harbingers of change, speeding up inevitable actions and pushing us to look in new directions. Eclipses reveals our shadow side that is ready for healing so let’s create the space for some profound inner healing.

“Beautiful meditation Kenji Kumara, in moments of silence I received Do, Be, See which I added I am doing, I am being, I am seeing.”


Audio + Video Activation
30 Minutes
Recorded Live @ The House of Light

Experience peace within your own Earthbody in this activation recorded live in Austin Texas.


1 Hour 20 minutes Audio MP3 – Presentation + Activation
Crystal Visions, Hendersonville, NC

This gateway is an access point for the influx of cosmic level energies that are only given at this time of year from the star councils who oversee the evolution and ascension processes of humanity and Gaia.

The emergence of the divine feminine anchoring with the divine masculine and the releasing of old thought paradigms will be central to this spontaneous presentation. Your divine connection with your beloved counterparts will be enhanced and magnetized in divine right timing. Some of your divine level dna codes will be activated as will more of your healing and teaching codes.

Physical, emotional and mental shifts will be supported during and after this event. Many changes are possible in this sacred space of possibility. We, as a group consciousness, can create miracles of transformation as we gather in the NOW to create our NOW future. This 8:8 activation is preparation for the 8:8 2020 Stargate.


A Protocol For Self Empowerment
42 Minute MP3 Audio Activation

If you are a school teacher or a teacher of students in other profession, your vibrational and energetic remedy has arrived! In this guided meditation, you will learn how to prevent and manage, and eventually eliminate “teacher burnout” and teacher exhaustion and stress. Learn the “protocol” that will enable you to hold your space and boundaries while teaching and to effectively “communicate” with your students, colleagues and administrative staff. It is recommended that you use this activation on a weekly basis and “as needed”. Activations are evergreen, live and organic and the effects are cumulative and long lasting.



Teacher Protocol
Audio MP3 – 10 minutes

Take 10 minutes out of your teaching day to refresh and clear your energy field, mind and body. This simple and effective protocol will help teachers to regain their focus, energy and stability. A great energy tool to clear and release stress and worry while infusing your body and spirit with new energy, balance and harmony. A great way to get back to center and to “reset your space” Recommended to use between classes and at the beginning and end of each teaching day. For all types of teachers with students. This protocol is evergreen, live and organic and it’s benefits are cumulative and long lasting.


MP3 Audio Activation
Runtime:  46 minutes

This is a special Protocol and activation for expectant mothers and young women who plan to start a family. I was inspired to do this activation by a colleague since there is such a need for healing birthing trauma in our population. What is also given in this spontaneous transmission is a thought-reversal to create your ideal delivery state of Being, your ideal birthing experience beyond space-time limitations and cultural beliefs and expectations that will benefit both soul and body as you journey into new realms of possibility. Ideal product for the New Millennials.

* Additional homework notes on daily practice included in your purchase receipt email.


1 hour 24 Mins Audio
Activation + Presentation

Your emotions are key not only in the health of your body but also the clarity in which your soul can express through your body. Much of your emotional makeup arises from your childhood experiences and the way in which you were parented and guided to navigate the educational system.

If you feel that you are carrying old emotions due to trauma, abuse, accidents, injuries and/or the feelings of being abandoned, neglected or unacknowledged, then this event is for you. We will focus on releasing the historical patterns of your childhood that are manifesting in your body and mind so your body and soul can be free to express and be heard and acknowledged.

Experience the benefits of Time Travel and the power of the sacred heart to heal emotional pain and trauma. 2 Audios include the entire presentation and activation only.

Recorded Live @ Crystal Visions, Hendersonville, NC, 9-3-19


1 Hour 25 Minute Presentation + Activation

In this new experimental presentation and activation, you will experience deep healing and release of the emotional charge and cellular memory of accidents, traumas and unresolved experiences that have impacted and embedded into your bones, spinal column, and structural system. Our bones have crystalline makeup and are the foundation of our body. Bones provide the housing for our muscles, connective tissue, fascia, nervous system, respiratory system, and circulatory system. These systems are orchestrated by the brain, endocrine system and heart via the chakra system and higher dimensional energy bodies. Your bones carry the memory of unresolved past experiences. You can “talk” to your bones.

As a group, we created our prayerful intentions in the stillness of the heart and brought them into the activation. This experimental activation focused on the bones, receiving the healing presence of stillness and deep peace, assisted by the healing guides and higher self and concluding with a powerful visual wave journey to our new reality. A very unique and different activation that will have lasting and permanent benefits for your body’s health and well being. Powerful embodiment activation. Don’t miss this one!


44 Minute Activation

This activation is evergreen and can be listened to at any time.  There is a 11:11 portal twice a day which can enhance this activation.

An empowering multi-dimensional journey through the 11:11 Gateway to your celestial homeland and star seed connection. This 11:11 Gateway activation carries the vibration of synchronicity, divine balance and illumination so you have an opportunity of not only synchronizing and balancing your life stream with your celestial roots but also embracing the illumination of your I AM Presence for of your earth life and soul purpose.

This Gateway is another level of preparation for the many earth changes that will be occurring regarding your path to illumination and liberation. If you are feeling stuck in your manifestation process, this empowerment event will help free you to move forward and to create with more ease, joy and light.


46 Minute MP3 Audio
Presentation + Activation

A spontaneous Immersion into The Journey Of Peace using the galactic christ field to accelerate your experience. Love builds its power on the foundation of inner peace and calm.  This 46-minute audio includes a live presentation & activation.

Kenji shares his understanding of what it takes to build your Peace Foundation, so you can move through all obstacles to the New Earth. His transmission will be inspired by the consciousness and goals of the group, so come prepared for another evening of miracles and transformations. The recorded activation will be available on the website for purchase. New Millennials welcome.


50 Minute Activation

12:12 Gateway and transmission from the Central Sun and the galactic christ field on 12/12 @ 12:00. This 12:12 Gateway represents transmutation of the old matrix and the activation of accelerated illumination and soul empowerment for those on the path of initiation. In one sense, this is a galactic level initiation where one passes through a Doorway into the next world of soul evolution where one can begin to master the law of opposites and duality.

In this silent transmission from the solar Beings of Light and Alpha and Omega, you will have the opportunity to initiate the enlightenment of your brain and central channel in the spine and also the activation of the sacred chambers within our soul heart and strengthen your immune system and endocrine glands.


50 minutes Activation

A fabulous Solar Eclipse transmission from the Great Central Sun and the Christ Field of Oneness.
Receive your Upgrade and Reset with the solar vibration from the Sacred Heart of our Central Sun and the quantum transmission from the Photon Belt. We will also use the power of this Eclipse to integrate our learning lessons and release our sense of karmic debt and so-called bad karma/bad luck.

The New Moon at 4° Capricorn is an annular solar eclipse. The solar eclipse astrology is very fortuitous because the Sun and Moon align with Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance and good luck. A good aspect to Uranus adds positive change and excitement.

The Solar Eclipse keyword is serendipity because it activates Jupiter trine Uranus to bring unexpected good luck and happy coincidences when you least expect it. The eclipse is also on a fortunate fixed star to make this the luckiest eclipse I can remember in a very long time.- Astrology King

2020 was a remarkable year for inner work and self growth. This was a collective period of self reflection and awakening. Our spiritual hindsight is 2020, and the more we tune into the lessons learned, the easier we will continue the path forward. This Bundle contains all the special events for 2020, including the 11:11 “Event of the Year” and the incredibly powerful Lionsgate Activation.


We call in the 5th-12th Dimensional Matrix of Peace and Transformation as we release ourselves from the old matrix of space-time, pain, and suffering. This process will take approximately 7 sacred earth days, so be prepared for amazing internal shifts and changes.


Much assistance will be given by the council of light as we sail our lightships into the clear waters of the Void and allowing Trust and Faith to be our GPS. It is time to move out of the density of matter into the ethereal realms of our Soul.


This event is essentially an initiatory experience into the ascended master and angelic realms of christ consciousness. We will work with Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Sananda/Maitreya, Mary Magdalene and the Great White Brotherhood.


A celebratory experience of Freedom Energy and how you can express It in your daily life, without effort, without thinking, without doing. We can experience the practice of Being in a physical body while walking upon the Earth and not being of it.


Light bodies mis-alignments and auric distortions will be addressed as well as mental judgments that have blocked the flow of divine energy into your daily life. Transformation will occur as we bring forth the power of the Infinity Sign (8) and the archetype of Lion (the power and strength that lies within).


The channeled spontaneous activation for this event will focus on aligning and receiving the higher Light Codes being transmitted from our great central sun by way of Alpha & Omega (the beginning and end) for the activation of new earth frequencies and the manifesting of the heaven on earth matrix into the aura of the earth.


You will have the opportunity to heal and transform the unconscious self and the memories that have dragged upon you and created the sense of carrying burdens upon your shoulders (your’s, the family, the ancestors, humanity and the earth). It is time to collapse the burdens of time and to come into Present Time reality (burdens keep you in the past and stuck on your timeline).


We will call forth for the activation, 12 archangels, 12 ascended masters, 12 light beings, 12 star clusters and the 5th-12th dimensional levels as it relates to this planetary system. Come prepared for an awesome experience. Bring your peeps, pets and ancestors. Today will be a celebration in your internal “coming home’ experience. It is time.


A powerful guided activation into New Earth and the expansion of your Soul’s consciousness into what is possible for 2021 and beyond. Prepare yourself for this event by fasting, juicing, body cleansing and herbal baths. The effects of this event will be with you for a very long time, on many levels of consciousness and embodiment. Invite your peeps and the New Millennials.


This activation is an offering of healing the past life memories of discord, conflict, betrayal and denial that have affected the feminine aspect of our mind-body connection. This is an opportunity for the divine masculine to heal it’s wounding and pain from past realities and lifetimes (Atlantis and Lemuria) so that it now can be in union and communion with it’s divine opposite.

This Bundle contains all the special events for 2021, including the 11:11 “Event of the Year” and the incredibly powerful Lionsgate Activation. Over 16 hours of audio and video content. These activations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Activations Included:

New Year Peace Meditation and Connect to the New Earth
Come join us for this fabulous New Year day meditation on world peace and 5-D and beyond “hook up”. 2021 is going to be another year of extreme changes, transitions, polarity as well as the infusion from our central spiritual sun of massive quasar, photonic, plasma and gamma ray particle waves which will enhance consciousness expansion, growth, renewal, rebirths, transmutation and transformation within all of our subtle bodies and timelines. We will “set the tone” for the year as we invoke our higher consciousness to be embodied upon Earth 2, create quantum level intentions for our life path and open up the channels for manifesting financial prosperity, self healing, divine emotional flow, clarity of mind and the resolution to conflicts in relationships and business. We will conclude the meditation with a prayer and blessing for humanity, the devas and elementals and GAIA 2. We will again invoke divine intervention on behalf of humanity. Many angelic presences will assist along with the great white brotherhood/sisterhood of Light. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend LIVE. Pass on the world to your tribe. Use this meditation on a monthly basis throughout the year as benefits are cumulative and on-going until complete. Remember to drink water and get out in Nature for renewal. Originally recorded live Friday, January 1, 2021

1:11 Gateway Empowerment
Join us for a celebratory evening of another 1:11 gateway empowerment. This is a follow up gateway to the recent Winter Solstice Ascension Stargate event. We will be using the energy of 1 (prime number) as we move through the 1:11 Gateway (master number) into the beginning phases of the new age of enlightenment.

Finding Your Inner Grace – EVENT WITH GRACE HOM
In this 3 part event series, Kenji and Grace guide us to invite more grace into our lives. This event is a total runtime of 1.5 hours.

The Channeling of The Great Prophets with Kimberly Meredith and Kenji Kumara (Event)
In this 2 hour online special event, Kenji sits down with Kimberly Meredith, a Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, Psychic Surgeon, Hands-on Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. After two Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Kimberly experienced an incredible encounter with God and received miraculous healing gifts from the Holy Spirit. Blessed with a unique array of extraordinary healing and psychic abilities, Kimberly is quickly gaining recognition as one of the world’s most gifted Medical Mediumship Healers and foremost Spiritual Speakers. Kimberly channels messages through her eyes’ blinking codes as a tool of communication from God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and Angels. Kimberly is often compared to Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, a Medical Intuitive, and the most documented psychic of the 20th Century.

Online Event: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Special Event
In this special Zoom event, we will use the power of the full moon and lunar eclipse to embody the change, the healing and the integration that we are ready to receive. Much work has been done since March of 2020 and this year promises to be a year of deep cleansing of the emotional body and the clearing of the unconscious mind or mental body.

Prayer Activation For Healing
The Earth and Humanity are being infused with very high and intense rays of Light which is triggering in our collective Unconscious the deep wounds and trauma from our past and early childhood as well as our innate gifts and healing knowledge.

Solar Eclipse Activation
Another amazing Solar Eclipse Activation that will prepare you for the solar opening of the Summer Solstice. Gateways and Portals serve as an opportunity to move into higher realms of Consciousness and manifestation and is a time where Intentions and Prayers are magnified. Let’s take advantage of this opening to bring forth our deepest Visions of our soul path and Destiny.

Summer Solstice Activation
In this powerful activation event, together we will shift and uplift the Veil of Forgetfulness out of the Earth Realm and back into the Oneness. The old matrix of pain and suffering, the old Karmic Wheel of Birth And Death And Rebirth, the old illusionary world of darkness can be no more with a strong collective effect to dispel the unreal, the hologram of birth, death, old age, sickness, suffering, pain and loneliness.

Full Moon Meditation
In this special Full Moon Meditation, we will journey together into the Timeless Realms of the Unknown and Unseen (beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond emotions, beyond concepts and ideas). Come prepared to journey deep into the Eternal Heart Space of Infinity and That which is Forever.

Healing Through The Breakdown And Changes
We are at a crucial pivotal point in our Creation. Recent studies show that since the beginning of 2020 and the pandemic, levels of anxiety and stress have exponentially expanded. Depression, especially among teens, is on the rise. Suicide attempts are sadly also increasing.   This free event is a call to anyone who is, or has friends and family who are, experiencing heightened stress, tension, anxiety, fear and doubt as well as those who are facing major financial, emotional, mental, medical and psychic (energetic and vibrational) challenges.

8:8 Lionsgate 2021- DNA Activation
Here comes another awesome 8:8 Lionsgate. Our main focus for the Gateway Event will be harnessing our inner peace of our Sacred 8 Infinity Flow, the deepening empowerment of our Solar Plexus Chakra, enhancing our divine alignment with the Great Central Sun/Alpha and Omega, and receiving messages and downloads from our Galactic Star Councils/Inner Earth Councils.

Post Full Moon Activation – Endocrine Glands
In this post Full Moon activation, we will focus on the activation and expansion of your Endocrine System. Your Endocrine Glands carry spiritualized energy and consciousness that feed your whole body and act as Gateways of information and data to the rest of your body, including your brain, heart and solar plexus.

Special Event: Prep For 9:11
September 2021 and the 20th Anniversary of 9:11 has the potential to manifest some very intense and unexpected global events that can affect humanity and the course of evolution on this planet. I was given inner guidance to offer a short activational event to help prepare those that are ready to be able to withstand and transcend what may come down the pike, so to speak.

9:9 Portal Activation
In this new Portal Activation on the Power of 9:9, we will transverse the space-time continuum and 3rd-4th density and travel into the 9 Energy of completion. 9 is the Power of 3 x 3. Together, we will invoke this sacred geometry power with the assistance of the archangel Metatron and his angels of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Full Moon/Fall Equinox – Earth Harvest
Our body has many levels of sub-atomic structures that science is not aware of, many below the level of conscious awareness. In this live and organic activation and meditation, we will journey deep into the body elemental and open up to bring in the harvest for the health and well being of your physical-etheric body. We will use the power and radiance of the full moon to amplify and expand the alignment to cellular health and well being.

Harvest Full Moon Activation – Shadow Work, Ancestors & Gratitude
You are invited into a deep dive into the shadow world of your ancestors and family world. The collective unconscious holds the historical pattern of experiences that have not been emotionally and psychologically resolved and healed, and hence, collects in the astral plane and is acted out, as it were, through unconscious behaviors and actions that we would call extreme behaviors and thought processes.

10:10 Portal Activation – Hidden Power
Welcome to this new Portal Activation event: 10:10 Portal and access to your hidden power. In this stargate meditation, we will take a deep dive into the power of 10 and align with your hidden superpowers, or the innate power of Soul/Oversoul.

11:11 Stargate Activation-Womb Healing
Join us today for another powerful 11:11 Stargate Activation. Our focus will be on womb healing: the healing of your “belly button”, the healing of your relationship with mother/father, the healing of your reproductive organs and the healing of your sacral chakra and associated meridians, organs and glands.

Clearing Fear Activation – Pre Full Moon/Eclipse
Join us for an incredible pre full moon/eclipse activation on clearing fear. Our subconscious mind can hold hidden and buried fears of many kinds: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of other people, fear of being vulnerable, fear of being ridiculed, fear of not being accepted and supported for your beliefs, fear of the current world situation, fear of your own spiritual powers, fear of public speaking, fear of being known, fear of your mother and/or father, fear of taking a chance and stepping forward, fear of sliding backwards, fear of intimacy, fear of God, fear of punishment, fear of the future and what it might bring, fear of not being good enough, fear of being unworthy, fear of being molested and abused, fear of darkness, fear of truly being yourself, fear of being alone, fear of the Church, fear of the government, fear of pain and suffering, fear of authority, fear of death (dying from a disease or illness) and irrational fears known as phobias (snakes, heights, germs, viruses, etc).

Solar Eclipse Activation – 4 Pillars
Join us today for this special saturday event celebrating the last Solar Eclipse of 2021. We are going to work with 4 Pillars of Light: White-Gold to bring forth your brilliance and radiance; Rose-Pink to amplify your love and compassion; Cobalt Blue to bring forward your Wisdom and Grace; and Violet-Purple to empower your cleansing and healing abilities. Together, these powerful Lights will help create expanded consciousness into the 5D Matrix of many possibilities.

12:12 Portal Activation- 12 Tribes/Rays
Join us for a spectacular 12:12 Stargate activation using the power of the number 12 and the 12 major Rays of Creation. As always, we will transmit a spontaneous guided meditation and visualization journey through the 12:12 Stargate into the Unknown realms of magnificent creation that is your I AM.

Full Moon Activation – The Blessing
Join us in celebrating the last Full Moon of 2021. This Full Moon holds The Blessings – the power of Blessings, the embodiment of Blessings, the application of Blessings and the healing of Blessings. Together with the Blessings of the Full Moon and the Divine Feminine, we will receive deeply into the cells of our body the richness of Grace, the holiness of Grace, the sacredness of Grace and the fulfillment of the Prophecies. It has been ordained since the beginning of time that the Soul, in its many travels through the Universes, will, at some point, return to the House of the Father, fully ordained by the Light of God. This attunement will be supported by the Pleiadians, the Buddha and King Ashoka.

Winter Solstice – I AM Activation
During the shortest day of the year, we are offering a profound Winter Solstice celebratory activation event to bring closure to another year of healing, miracles and transformations. This will be a collective I AM celebration where we join in Union and Oneness, channeling forth to the Earth Mother Divine Light and appreciation for her mighty earth changes and service to Humanity.