New Earth Transmission 2


Audio & Video Presentation
Activation + Transmission
46 Minutes



In this new series on New Earth Transmissions, today we will set the state for receiving and embodying the new earth consciousness and the qualities of unconditional love and acceptance, divine truth and wisdom, eternal peace and joy, unbounded bliss and harmony, harmony within all things great and small, unshakable trust and inner knowing, and expanded consciousness.

We will align with the sacred Heart of GAIA and the inner earth realms of 5D consciousness. It is time to reset our vertical and horizontal field and axis, empower our galactic and planetary Chi forces. and bring deeper awareness of our sacred brain centers, kundalini channels and original 8 cells of Creation.

Help us to empower the planetary grid system, sacred sites and temples, and the vortex areas and mountains of our beautiful planet. Your pets and ancestors are welcome to attend.

This recording is evergreen. Originally recorded live Thursday, Feb 25, 2021