New Earth Transmission 3 – Life In the New Earth


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What will daily life be like in the New Earth?

In this continuing series of NET, today’s spontaneous presentation will bring forth another level of the ascension process as it pertains to your individual and collective role in the evolution of Earth 2 or the New Earth. We will go deeper into the essence of new earth energetics and how you can apply these frequencies of Light in your daily life and especially with what is unfolding upon the planet in these times of great challenge and change.

Come prepared to experience;

  • The letting go of emotional baggage called emotional weight and density
  • Greater clarity of thought and the freer expression of your divine emotions
  • Reduction and elimination of unconsciousness that manifests as doublt, uncertainty, confusion and indecision
  • More abundant joy, inspiration, trust, hope and self love
  • Release from the old matrix of karma, suffering and pain
  • The integration of the 5th dimension in your personal and professional life
  • Blessings from the New Earth via the Rays of Creation

Invite your soul group and guardian angels to receive the Grace that will be offered to all that are ready to receive. Your beloved pets are always welcome to attend and receive support form the archangel Ariel.

Recorded live Sunday, Mar 28, 2021