New Earth Transmission 8 – Sacred Heart


Recorded Video Presentation + Activation
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51 Minutes

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Another amazing journey into New Earth. The Earth Mother has a Sacred Heart, just like we do, just like the angels do, just like all of Creation. Activating this Sacred Heart is the key to awakening, enlightenment, ascension and ascended mastery.

The Divine Feminine’s Sacred Heart is the knower and catalyst for earth creation and the expression of Beauty in the world. Beauty has power. Beauty ignites change. Beauty creates the inspiration for evolutionary manifestation, for the new earth has the potential to manifest new life forms, new vibratory expressions of Life and new octaves of Consciousness.

The Sacred Heart of the new earth is waiting for us to align with her beauty and presence. The Sacred Heart of the Mother ignites healing, change, transformation, illumination, empowerment and the power of Joy. She is waiting for us to receive her Blessings and Grace. Now is the time to connect and merge into this universal flow of goodness. When your inner Sacred Heart is activated, anything is possible. Your One Light can then begin to shine upon your world and your Life will shift into realms never before imagined or anticipated.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. Drink plenty of water after the event. Activations are live and organic and are forever accessible upon command in meditation.

Evergreen recording – recorded live Aug 19th, 2021