No More Rescue Full Moon Online Activation


Originally Broadcast Thursday, July 6


As Humanity moves through the layers of the ascension process, the shadow aspects will begin to emerge more fully for healing and recognition. As we move into the next planetary phase of accelerated evolution, the hidden and unconscious aspects of the mental and emotional body will make themselves present for our understanding. All is asking for completion. All is asking for union with our greater self. This, in deed, is a time of healing and transformation.

We, in the human condition, have been programmed or imprinted to be either the rescuer or the rescuee. Now is the time to give it up and move on, in spite of the emotional reaction that will ensue. If you have a belief in having to save humanity, your spouse, your friends, your kids or even your parents – it is now time for all to stand firm within themselves and to save self first. If you are the enabler, the caretaker, the nurturer – it may be time to release those very old archetypes and move into the archetype of the sage, the crone, the elder, the one who stands strong within him/herself and to shine the presence of compassion, grace and blessings

It is now time to move out of the victim and wounded child archetypes and into the archetype of the I AM. Join me in this very powerful and intense transmission so we can begin to heal the collective unconscious dna pattern of abuse.

We will journey into the light of understanding as we bring forth solutions and possibilities of change and transformation.

Peace and blessings, Kenji