Pink (Parschal) Full Moon – New Seed Thoughts


Activation Meditation
Audio + Video Instant Download
46 mins



You are warmly invited to this special Pink Full Moon event on New Seed Thoughts. Today, we will plant and activate new thoughts for our spiritual journey, new ideas from the Quantum, new perspectives on our life journey, and new attitudes to cultivate in our higher mind.

We will use an astrology model of 12 seed thoughts that represent the 12 Houses of your Zodiac. You can arrange these seed thoughts to any of your Houses, and all 12 interconnect and interrelate to each other, and as a whole, represent an holistic perspective on change and transformation. Here are the 12 seed thoughts for you to contemplate before the event:

  1. Balancing yin and yang
  2. Healthy boundaries and space
  3. Creative expression from the Void
  4. Healing fragmentations
  5. Synchronizing energies
  6. Practical applications
  7. Discerning vibrations
  8. Birth new ideas
  9. Harmony in relationships
  10. Integration of higher states
  11. Possibilities beyond limitations
  12. Surrender and opening to receive

The spontaneous activation will focus on what you are able to receive in the NOW moment and will change and shift according to your level of being conscious of being conscious. The more awareness, the more expansion, and the more expansion, the greater the clarity of purpose and destiny. Are you ready for the change? The power of Intention is in your hands.

Your pets are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live April 16th, 2022