Planetary Light Meditation 11


MP3 Activation Meditation



Theme: Moving Through The Chaos / Planetary Upgrade. Custom Activation on your Intentions  

Join us in another unique followup Webinar presentation to the previous Planetary Light Meditations as we collectively build the energy for the manifestation of the new earth. As we continue to witness the collective pain, stress, anxiety, confusion and chaos that is upon our planet and societies, we each have the opportunity to take back our power, our free will, our innate ability to creative personal and collective change and transformation on this earth plane. We each have the wisdom and foresight to bring healing to our body, mind and environment. We each have the tools and talents to shift our perception to what is truly real and sustainable. We are no longer victims of tribal consciousness and mass programming that has infiltrated our 3rd dimensional world.

The planetary upgrade and custom guided meditation will be based on your expressed Intentions as we journey together into the higher realms of light and love as we collectively bring forth another planetary upgrade from the Christ grid of Blessings and Grace. We will be assisted by planetary Logos energy, the sacred heart of GAIA, Alpha and Omega and the Inner Earth City Of Light. Your ancestors, family members and pets are most welcome. The new millennial generation are most welcome.

This activation is evergreen. When you listen to it is when you are meant to hear it. This MP3 was recorded live Sun, Aug 23, 2020.